At Moreau Catholic, each student is paired with a counselor who will follow this student from admission through the end of junior year. At the beginning of senior year, students move to a dedicated college counselor to help them navigate the college admissions process. This partnership enables our counselors to better understand the talents and needs of our students.

Our college counseling program has milestones for each student that promote planning and preparation for college admissions. We encourage parental involvement in the college planning process, and, to that end, we utilize Family Connection, a software tool that allows both students and parents to collaborate on college selection, test preparation and financial planning.

Our personal counseling program provides our students with emotional and academic support to help them reach their personal goals.   

Counselor Assignments

For Grades 9-11, Last names:

A - Ch
Ms. Stacey Ferreira '86

Ci - Mun 
Ms. Dianna Heise  

Mus - Z
Mr. Jim Patterson


FOR College Counselor, Last names:

A - Le
Ms. Sara Strickland

Li - Z
Ms. Anto Sweeney

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