What is Mock Trial?

What is Mock Trial? Mock Trial is part of a state and national competition for high school students, where they learn how to prepare for a trial from start to finish. They are trained to argue constitutional issues before real Superior Court judges and attorneys, plan, draft and present opening statements, direct examinations, cross examinations and closing arguments. With their attorney and teacher coaches they learn to play the role of attorneys, witnesses, clerks, and bailiffs.  We are very excited to announce that this year we will be adding a “junior varsity” team which will allow for more students to compete with other schools in scrimmages and invitationals.   In November and December all the teams will compete with the case released by  the Constitutional Rights Foundation with  mock trial scrimmages, and invitationals with teams from all over the state of California.  In January and February the varsity team will compete in the Philip A. Harley Alameda County Mock Trial Competition.  The winner of the County Championship moves on to the State Championship held in March, and the winner of the State Championship moves on to the National Mock Trial Championship in May.   Members of the Mock Trial varsity team may also earn varsity letters and receive Alameda County and State awards for both their individual and team performances. 

For more information, please contact mocktrial@moreaucatholic.org.

Summer 2015

This summer the team held  its 1st Annual Explorer Mock Trial Camp and its 3rd Annual Mock Trial Summer Camp.  Both camps  prepared and presented  the Constitutional Rights Foundation case, the People v Bratton case.    The turnout for the camps were excellent with 6th-7th- and 8th graders  already showed  great interest and skills in the Explorer Camp!  The members of the returners for 2015-16 presented their case with alumni in the audience!   The teams were most fortunate to have alumni attorneys Peter Borruso,  Robert Burnside, Taylor Graham and Carolyn Abdenour working with the students and the case!

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