Athletic Department

TitleNamePhone NumberYearsEmail
Athletic Director Christine
Asst. AD Heidi
Athletic TrainerKerrie



Fall Sports Aug - Nov

Cross Country

TitleNameYears CoachingEmail
Head CoachEnrique
Asst. CoachKatie Hansen '084
Asst. CoachElliot Lopes '106
Asst. CoachBen
Asst. Coach
Laura Zaro9



TitleNameYears CoachingEmail
Head Coach- VarsityAndrew Cotter10
Head Coach-JVDethrick Slocum3
Asst. Coach- VarsityJoshua Meyer4
Asst. Coach- VarsityCheyne Foott7
Asst. Coach-VarsityRob Gatrell5
Asst. Coach-VarsityKeala
Asst. Coach-VarsityTony Bautista, Jr.3
Asst. Coach- VarsityMichael Dixon3
Asst. Coach- VarsityAntoine Brown3
Asst. Coach-JVTed Carnes
Asst. Coach-JVDJ Ingalls
Asst. Coach-JVMike Tavares
Asst. Coach-JVBill Irwin2

Tennis - Girls

TitleNameYears CoachingEmail
Head CoachFelix Gomez4
Asst. CoachTony Rodriguez9

Volleyball - Girls

TitleNameYears CoachingEmail
Head Coach-VarsityAmi Schelin9
Head Coach-JVJerico Abanico
Asst. Coach-VarsityRina Lam Yuen '103
Asst. Coach-JVJonathan Woods


Water Polo

TitleNameYears CoachingEmail
Head CoachMia-Mae
Asst. CoachFr. Bruce Cecil4
Asst. CoachAna Patterson8


Rally Squad

TitleNameYears CoachingEmail
Head CoachJasmine Ogle '908
Asst. CoachJulie Maroun8



Winter Sports Nov - March

Basketball - Boys

TitleNameYears CoachingEmail
Head Coach- VarsityFrank Knight, III7
Head Coach-JVMarco Martin
Head Coach-FroshAlex
Asst Coach-VarsityMiguel Valadez8
Asst. Coach- VarsityTerry Butler7
Asst. Coach- VarsityFrank Foster7
Asst. Coach-VarsityFelix Gomez4
Asst. Coach JVMatt Gabriel '045

Asst. Coach-JVSteven Walker

Asst. Coach-FroshDavid Radich '12

 Asst Coach-JVLionel Anderson


Soccer - Boys

TitleNameYears CoachingEmail
Head Coach- VarsityVince Bevilacqua '828
Head Coach-JVAlastair Feasey
Asst. CoachPatrick
Asst. CoachMichael Carroll '
Asst. CoachMatthew Ramson '

Basketball - Girls

TitleNameYears CoachingEmail
Head Coach- VarsityToni West2
Asst. Coach- VarsityEddie Arnold2

Asst. Coach-VarsityMarques Smith2
Asst. VarsityRobert Topete5
 Head Coach-JVOrmando Gonzales2
Asst Coach-JVRaymond Salas9

Soccer - Girls

TitleNameYears CoachingEmail
Head Coach- VarsityAlex King6
Head Coach-JVAdam Player2
Asst Coach- Varsity
Mark Savvides
Asst. Coach- VarsityAndrew Hulbert
Asst. Coach-JVJack



Spring Sports Feb - May


TitleNameYears CoachingEmail
Head Coach- VarsityAbigail
Asst. CoachVincent



TitleNameYears CoachingEmail
Head Coach- VarsityJon Norfolk4
Head Coach-JVJohn Gouveia
Asst. CoachSteve Mackin4
Asst. CoachWayne Chung '802
Asst. CoachTodd Deleray
Asst. CoachDavid
 Asst. Coach
 Sammy Ferrill


Golf - Boys

TitleNameYears CoachingEmail
Asst. CoachRen Chang3
Head. CoachMatt Mora3


Tennis - Boys

TitleNameYears CoachingEmail
Head CoachBarry Poole
Asst. CoachTony Rodriguez9


Volleyball - Boys

TitleNameYears CoachingEmail
Head Coach- VarsityJerico Abanico
Head Coach- JVMatt Gabriel '
Asst. CoachAmi
Asst. CoachJames Carroll '13



TitleNameYears CoachingEmail
Head Coach- VarsityChristine
Head Coach- VarsityMike Krisman '
Head Coach-JVBob Swartz13
Asst. CoachDon Hislop10



TitleNameYears CoachingEmail
Head CoachFeng (Jenson)
Asst. CoachKathleen
Asst. CoachAngelique Mabanglo '

Track & Field

TitleNameYears CoachingEmail
Head CoachBen Greenbaum '
Asst. CoachEnrique
Asst. CoachTenia
Asst. CoachJames
Asst. CoachMelissa


 *All coaches can be reached through the Athetic Office at 510-881-4314

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