Retreat Program
Moreau Catholic High School Retreats

Each year Moreau Catholic High School offers students a retreat experience designed to invite them to experience personal and spiritual growth. At each class level, the retreat program has a different theme that builds to the next year and, ultimately, to the culminating three days Senior Kairos retreat experience.

Frosh Retreat
In the freshman year, our retreat theme is Spirit of Holy Cross. This retreat introduces our freshmen to some of the philosophy behind Holy Cross education. More specifically, the retreat will build around being family, building respect, bringing hope and educating hearts and minds, which is this year's focus. It is our hope that by the time our students graduate from Moreau, they will have integrated these themes into their daily lives.

The Frosh retreat is led by our senior student Campus Ministers and is supervised by faculty members. One of our aims is for the freshmen to get to know themselves and their classmates. The retreat is also an opportunity to learn what it means to belong to the Moreau community.

Sophomore Immersion
Each sophomore spends a day with their Moral Theology class at St. Anthony's Dining Room in San Francisco's Tenderloin district. In solidarity with the poor, students witness first hand the difference they can make putting their faith in action as they deliver meals to the home-bound, sort clothes for distribution to the poor and needy, and prepare and serve lunch in the St. Anthony's Dining Room. This is a powerful and memorable experience for tenth graders.

Junior Retreat
All Juniors are encouraged to participate in one of the two retreats offered to their class each school year. There is one in the Fall and another one in the Spring. It is an overnight retreat experience that provides them structured activities to help form deeper relationships and quality time to reflect on issue of the heart and soul.

The theme of the Junior Retreat is “Strength for the Journey”. As they prepare for their senior year and take on more responsibilities, this retreat provides them an opportunity to recognize their “strengths” or support system: God, family, friends and their own inner strength. It’s a time to pray, play, bond, share stories, deepen friendships and form new ones. There is a minimal fee of $60 which covers the cost of transportation, lodging and meals. The venue is at the Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose Motherhouse in Fremont, CA.

Kairos Retreat for Seniors
Kairos application, registration, permission slip, etc. may be downloaded online.

Kairos, or God's time, is an intensive three-day retreat for Seniors. Led by trained adult and student leaders, this is the final, culminating senior spiritual event that gives twelfth graders a deeply enriching, soul searching and interactive experience Kairos retreats are held at Vallombrosa Retreat Center in Menlo Park in the fall and spring.


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