Jaime Fernandez
Fernandez, Jaime


  • Education:
    • St. Mary's College of CA, BA (Politics & History)
    • Chapman University, Single Subject Teaching Credential
    • University College London, MA (Modern History)
  • Courses:
    • Frosh Theology
    • Christology
    • Moral Theology
  • Special Interests:
    Revolutionary Period in U.S. History (1763-1791)
    Birth of the Catholic Church in the Roman Empire
    History of the Popes and the Papacy
    The Pilgrims Road to Santiago de Compostela (El Camino de Santiago)
    Imperialmism and Colonialism in Latin America & The Caribbean
  • Hobbies and Passions:
    Traveling (have been to Spain, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Andorra, Holland, England, France, Italy & Fiji)
    Learning about anything and everything concerning Spain (culture, history, people, traditions and languages; especially of Northwestern Spain)
    Music; learning about and listening to a wide variety of music, their influences, the story behind their sound, etc.
    Reading "The New Yorker," "The Economist," "The Huffington Post" and keeping up with current events, both local and global
    Debating politics and religion