Statement of Mission

Moreau Catholic High School is dedicated to the legacy and values of the Congregation of Holy Cross and its founder Blessed Basil Moreau. We are a college-preparatory school committed to outstanding achievement. As a community of faith, we prepare our students through academic, social and spiritual learning experiences that form and transform them as they become responsible citizens of our global community.
Moreau Catholic High School Goals

We will strive to be an excellent school which is notably recognized for superior standards and expectations, more satisfaction for and accountability to mission, and value for tuition dollars spent.

Our school will be recognized for values formation and distinctive college preparatory programs and services.

A graduate of Moreau Catholic High School will be a positive force in the transformation of the global community.


“We can state in a word the kind of teaching we wish to impart: we do not want our students to be ignorant of anything they should know.”
— Blessed Basil Moreau, 1849

“We shall always place education side-by-side with instruction, and the mind will not be cultivated at the expense of the heart.”

“While we prepare useful citizens for society, we shall likewise do our utmost to prepare citizens for eternal life.”

Student in Lab Objectives
(Hallmarks of a Holy Cross Education)

The knowledge and skills learned through the school’s curricular and cocurricular programs are aimed at preparing students for life and work.

The intellectual, social and spiritual formation of students is the priority and outcome of every curricular and cocurricular aspect of school life.

The knowledge, skills, formative values and qualities of life which students are taught and which they learn and embrace, help them to shape their world and determine the future.