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Personal Counseling Program

We provide personal and academic counseling services for all our students.

Personal Counseling Services:

  • Individual or group counseling, upon request, to discuss problems of a personal nature in a confidential setting.
  • Parent conferences and referral resources.
  • Information for students on topics related to mental health.
  • Crisis intervention counseling.
  • Drug and alcohol education, information and counseling for students and parents.
  • Resource for parents with questions about adolescent developmental issues.

Academic Counseling Services:

  • Assistance to students in selecting appropriate courses for each year of high school.
  • Schedule changes when appropriate or necessary.
  • Verification of graduation requirements and college entrance eligibility.
  • Interpretation of PSAT tests and results.
  • Interpretation of SAT and ACT tests and results.
  • Information on summer school, accelerated and special talent programs for students.
  • Arrangement of parent-student-counselor meetings and parent teacher-student-counselor meetings.