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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Programs

The Equity Council consists of teachers, classified staff, parents, and school leaders focused on cultural proficiency, diversity, and student engagement. If you are interested in participating on our Equity Team, please contact Toni West.

The Student Leadership Council is on a mission to positively guide our student body into a more faith-filled, equitable, and inclusive community. Our goal is to ensure all student voices are heard and respected. We strive to lead by example in creating a better social and learning environment. The purpose is to embody our Holy Cross values and apply them in our daily lives, upholding the Mariner Mindset. As we serve the student body, we aspire to create Mariners with a lifelong Mariner Mindset. 

We demonstrate our appreciation of diversity on our campus through celebrations and events such as:

  • Culture Week
  • Black History Month
  • Lunar New Year
  • Interfaith Service
  • Moreau Mehfil
  • Filipino Culture Night
  • Nuestra Gente Dance
  • Pillars of Diversity Galleria
  • Cultural Celebration Night Market
  • Mental Health Week
  • Anti-Bullying Week

We demonstrate our inclusivity in the classrooms by:

  • Bolstering our culturally competent curriculum within all subjects
  • Teaching from a culturally relevant pedagogy that allows student to bring their personal knowledge and experience into the classroom
  • Allyship building between faculty and students to further create an environment of inclusion and an increased sense of self

We demonstrate our equitable practices through:

  • Ongoing evaluation and improval of hiring practices
  • Anti-bias training during onboarding process and professional development of faculty and staff
  • Faculty and staff book reads to increase applicable cultural, social-emotional, and restorative practices in our work



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Toni West

Toni West

Assistant Principal of Climate and Culture