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Mariner Alumnus Leads Effort to Help Maui

Kron4 News: Kaleo Lee leads effort to help Maui
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(KRON) — The devastation in Maui has people all over looking for ways to help. KRON4 spoke to [Kaleo Lee ’18] who is now studying in Hawaii. He will head to Maui to lend a hand next week.

San Leandro native Kaleo Lee is currently at the University of Washington’s Kona campus, studying to be a physician’s assistant. After Tuesday’s devastating fire in Maui, he and fellow students sprung into action and organized a fundraiser for this weekend.

What’s collected both in person at the Kona fundraiser and online through an Amazon registry will be delivered to the King’s Cathedral in Maui.

Emergency Donations for Maui

Lee and a handful of fellow students will then go there next week to lend a helping hand.

“I talked to the pastor at the Kings Cathedral Church in Maui this morning,” Lee said. “She mentioned that they’re receiving an overwhelming amount of donations and they really appreciate the support, but they also need hands to help distribute and organize their donations. So I’m hoping to do that.”

Lee’s mother grew up on the big island, and his grandparents and other relatives still live in Hawaii. He says taking the short flight from Kona to Maui is the least he can do to help.

“The people on Maui need our help right now,” Lee said. “They’ve lost everything, livelihoods, jobs, businesses, loved ones, and the least we can do is donate some of our time some of our effort and some items and go over there and really help these people when they need it most.”