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Athletic Updates: March 8, 2023


Congratulations to our winter sports for concluding last Thursday with our Girls’ Basketball team making it to the CIF NorCal Regionals Round Two for Division II against Central East High School. The Varsity Girls’ Basketball program was the runner-up for NCS Division II Championships in their first year back in NCS Division II since the 90s. The 22-23 run for CIF State was the farthest the team has gone in the last 10 years. All the Girls’ Basketball teams were undefeated in MVAL, and the Varsity Girls claimed the MVAL Champions title for the 22-23 season. They finished with an overall record of 21-10.

Our Boys' Basketball made a run for state, as well as the team, made it to CIF NorCal, Regionals Division II with the season concluding with their game against Bellarmine Prep. The Varsity Boys’ Basketball program was the runner-up for NCS Division I Championships going against Clayton Valley. All the Boys’ Basketball teams were undefeated in MVAL, and the Varsity Boys claimed the MVAL Champions title for the 22-23 season. They finished with an overall record of 23-7.

Boys’ and Girls’ Soccer improved their overall records for the 22–23 season compared to the 21-22 season. With both programs heavy in underclassmen, the teams look forward to the next season as they continue to improve and strengthen their programs. 

Congratulations to the Rally Squad Nationals team for bringing home 11th place in the Varsity Show Cheer Non-Tumbling Novice Small division in the United Spirit Association National High School Cheerleading Championships in Anaheim on February 25!  We are so proud of our Rally Squad for their accomplishment! The team cheered throughout the fall and winter seasons at football, volleyball, and cheering at the Boys’ and Girls’ basketball games this year.  We are so thankful for their endless support of ALL our sports programs!  This accomplishment is even more remarkable as all of our athletes have been training for this competition since June 2022!  Please give a big hand to our Rally Squad for bringing home a trophy!


Varsity Boys’ Soccer

Second Team Keeper All League: Landon Hodges 
Honorable Mention: Uchenna Anyanwu, Alex Diaz, Thaddeus Sprinkles, Luis Alejandro Villegas


Varsity Boys’ Basketball

MVP: Kellen Hampton
1st Team: Kellen Hampton, Lebrie Goudy-Lee and Robert Morgan III
Honorable Mention: Joseph Cid & Jesse "JJ" Ybarra

Varsity Girls’ Basketball

MVP: Dymonique Maxie
All League: Dymonique Maxie, Madison Thomas and Madeline Bader
Honorable Mention: Jasmine Beltran and Tabitha Aloo

Winter NCS Academic Awards

2023 Winter President's List
NCS President's List – earned by any Varsity athlete who achieves a 3.80-4.0 GPA (unweighted)

  • Carson Mandigma - Basketball, Boys
  • Joseph Cid - Basketball, Boys
  • Nathan Placido - Basketball, Boys
  • Tabitha Aloo - Basketball, Girls 
  • Antonio Duran - Soccer, Boys
  • Avik Pamarthi - Soccer, Boys
  • Ajooni Shahi - Soccer, Girls 
  • Natalia Gutierrez - Soccer, Girls
  • Priscilla Gonzalez - Soccer, Girls 
  • Alexander Diaz - Soccer, Boys 
  • Luis Alejandro Villegas - Soccer, Boys 
  • Yuvraj Gill - Soccer, Boys
  • Adriana Mieses - Soccer, Girls 
  • Alexandria Mejia - Soccer, Girls
  • Eva Hernandez - Soccer, Girls
  • Prisha Gupta - Soccer, Girls
  • Bryce Torres - Basketball, Boys
  • Dymonique Maxie - Basketball, Girls
  • Adriana Amezcua - Rally Squad
  • Katherine Kava - Rally Squad
  • Sophia Thompson - Rally Squad
  • Empress Walker - Rally Squad
  • Kelly Barrera - Rally Squad 

2023 NCS Scholar-Athlete Honor Roll
NCS Scholar-Athlete Honor Roll – earned by any Varsity athlete who achieves a 3.5-3.79 GPA (unweighted)

  • Andrew Placido - Basketball, Boys 
  • Ayashe Trotter - Basketball, Girls 
  • Gabriel Gutierrez - Soccer, Boys
  • German Gonzalez - Soccer, Boys 
  • Prashant Chand - Soccer, Boys 
  • Shuvam Sinha - Soccer, Boys 
  • Aiden Sinay - Soccer, Boys
  • Elizabeth Sandoval - Soccer, Girls
  • Kristen Onate - Soccer, Girls 
  • Salma Gonzalez - Soccer, Girls 
  • Jesse Ybarra - Basketball, Boys
  • Jasmine Beltran - Basketball, Girls
  • Madison Mathewson - Basketball, Girls
  • Spencer Shonnard - Basketball, Boys
  • Arianna Chacon - Basketball, Girls 
  • Aymani Bouyer - Basketball, Girls
  • Elisa Ortega - Basketball, Girls
  • Uchenna Anyanwu - Soccer, Boys
  • Alyssa Burgos - Soccer, Girls
  • Angelina Ornelas - Rally Squad
  • Isabella Perez - Rally Squad
  • Nia Walker - Rally Squad

Athletic Foundry Partnership

We are constantly looking for innovative tools & forward-thinking strategies to bring to Moreau Catholic High School that give our student-athletes every possible advantage to succeed once they enter 6th grade.

 So it was our great fortune when we discovered a first-of-its-kind online “all year around” (not just “in-season”) platform for high school student-athletes and their parents that is simply like no other — a platform built by Athlete Foundry.

Athlete Foundry is an educational technology company that has built a powerful online student-athlete platform to help 6th through 12th grade student-athletes increase their odds to become a collegiate athlete, increase their college financial assistance potential, and help prepare for life after sports.  Bottom-line, a holistic on & off the field approach that gives you full command of your student-athlete journey to help each student-athlete build a better version of themselves.

In fact, even if your student-athlete is not sure about playing in college, our platform and comprehensive roadmap not only create options but will highly benefit their pursuit of college.

After comprehensive research & evaluation, we have decided to team up with Athlete Foundry to provide its online platform to every single Moreau Catholic High School student-athlete (and alumni) at ZERO COST to you, period; this is unique offer only for Moreau Catholic High School student-athletes.  Even if you are not sure about becoming a collegiate athlete, this tool lets you build your options, so you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

We encourage you to visit their website to learn more.