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Student-Athlete Resources

Eligibility Rules

  1. Only students regularly enrolled in CIF member schools, grade 9-12, shall be permitted to participate in interscholastic competition. Students shall not participate nor practice on any team if they attain their nineteenth birthday prior to January 1st.
  2. A student who first enters the ninth grade of any school following his/her completion of the eighth grade in any school may be eligible for athletic competition during a maximum period of time that is not to exceed eight semesters. This eligibility must be used during the first eight semesters of attendance at that school or any school. Enrollment and/or attendance for fifteen (15) days or more, or participation in one or more inter-school contests, shall count as one of the eight semesters.
  3. A student who transfers from one school to another without a change of address on the part of the parents or legal guardians shall be ineligible for one (1) year. This rule also applies to students 18 years of age or older, though they are legally adults. It does not apply to students who have been promoted from elementary or junior high schools at the end of the preceding semester. CIF, NCS, and the league do, however, provide a means to appeal for waivers of ineligibility. Questions regarding this should be referred to the Athletic Director.
  4. Foreign exchange students interested in participating in athletics should contact the Athletic Director regarding their eligibility to participate.

Scholastic Requirement

Academic Probation

The Academic Probation policy is intended to encourage students to:

  • Pass all courses attempted.
  • Take as full of a course load as possible without sacrificing extracurricular activities.
  • Work to capacity in all academic endeavors. Achieve academic success in preparation for a challenging college curriculum.

MCHS will define Academic Probation in the following way:

A student is on Academic Probation if he/she:

  • has a straight GPA (no pluses or minus) below 2.0 at the end of first semester or second semester.

A student is placed on Academic Probation at the end of a given semester and has the following semester to improve. The timeline is as follows:

  • Parents/guardians will be notified via email by the Athletic Director at the start of the probation period that the student is on Academic Probation.
  • At the end of the next grading period, if a student still qualifies for Academic Probation, he/she will move to Ineligible.

Students who are Ineligible may not participate in any athletic contests. Students are Ineligible until the next official grading period (when semester grades are distributed), and may only become eligible for reinstatement if they have higher than a 2.0 straight GPA. The timeline is as follows:

  • The Athletic Director will call the parents of Ineligible students and alert them that they will be ineligible starting (Insert Date of Determination). They will be ineligible until (Next Date of Determination).
  • The Athletic Director will email a letter to the parents of these students following the phone calls.

At the end of July following summer school, the Athletic Director will meet with the AP of Instruction and registrar to review re-calculated GPA’s after summer school to determine which students will move from the Academic Probation list to Ineligible and which students will come off the list.

Fall sports eligibility is based on the previous year’s second semester. If applicable, summer school grades will be used to compute the GPA for Fall Eligibility.

After final semester grades are posted, the Athletic Director will also contact any students who will be coming off the Academic Probation/Ineligible lists.