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Students of the Month | April 2024

Students of the Month | April 2024
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Students of the Month Criteria

The recognition of students who demonstrate academic, personal, and social responsibility. Students from each grade level will be selected every month. The selected students will get a certificate, their picture taken with the principal, plus a “go to the front of the lunch line” pass, good for one month.

Faculty/Staff Member Student's Name Grade  Pillar/Mindset Demonstrated Details 
Fr. Bruce Cecil Justin Reed 9 Being Family Justin has been one of my best students. He is engaged and attentive to his studies, but also is well liked and seen as a leader in our class, because of his positive attitude and willingness to help others. He truly exemplifies the Moreau mindset of being family.
Fr. Bruce Cecil Ray Torrey 9 Being Family Ray is a "ray of sunshine" in our class - always hardworking, responsible, dedicated, and also ever respectful of others and kindhearted to those around hi. It is a joy having him in class. He trully exemplifies the Moreau mindset of being family.
Fr. Bruce Cecil Michael Meseret 10 Being Family Michael is one of those quiet but steadfast students who excels academically, while also showing gentle kindheartedness to other students around him. He trully exemplifies the Mariner mindset of being family.
Fr. Bruce Cecil Roy Cardenas 10 Being Family Roy is a pure joy to have in class. He and his great friend Rohan are hardworking, smart, kind, but also, very funny and exudes positive energy with everyone around them. Roy can be totally hilarious, in very good ways, is always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. I saw his generous heart and spirit also on the water polo team. He and Rohan make a great team. He truly exemplifies the Mariner pillar of being family.
Fr. Bruce Cecil Rohan Punnoose 10 Being Family Rohan, along with his great sidekick Roy, is a pure joy to have in class. He is hardworking, smart, kind, but also, very funny and exudes positive energy with everyone around him. He is always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. I saw his generous heart and spirit also on the water polo team, where he and Roy make a great team together. He trully exemplifies the Mariner pillar of being family.
Dave Baptist Dominic Byrd 9 Bringing Hope D-Byrd makes my day, every day. Thanks for the fist bumps and all the great questions. Thanks for engaging with our class assignments and our discussions ... Thanks for being my student!
Angela Irizarry Zion Bouyer 10 Bringing Hope On 3/20 a student experienced a medical emergency. Zion acted quickly and called 9-1-1 on his cell phone. He demonstrated responsible decision-making and empathy to help out when most people would freeze during an emergency situation. As a result, emergency medical personnel were able to respond to the school quickly and provide aid to the student.
Matthew Tominaga Manny Torres 12 Bringing Hope Manny came to our aid during One Family One Week. He built slides for the MCTV TVs, learned how to operate them, and created some quality videos/slideshows as well. Thanks for bringing hope through your creativity and being our IWE this semester.
Henny Chen Zuqi Li 11 Bringing Hope Ricky is my IWE, but he went above and beyond by assisting me and serving as my TA for my Chinese 1 class this semester. He not only taught a new lesson but also took charge of leading the entire class through the material. Ricky ensured active engagement from all learners, making certain they grasped the content and could apply their knowledge effectively. His dedication and support have been invaluable to the success of the class.
Ana Patterson Tiago Dias 11 Educating Hearts and Minds Tiago has been a great Mariner example of Educating Hearts and minds. He has been very busy helping out Moreau with several outreach projects, and yet, he is always very organized with his time and academic progress. He always communicate with his teachers and others, and I have witness the fact that he makes time to help other with their class work as well. I am very proud of him.
Ana Patterson Riey Granzella 10 The four Pillars Riley has demonstrated what it means to be a Mariner. Her persona can be identified with the Four Pillars of Holy Cross. She brings home to others by helping them with their class work. I have witness how she uses her time after school, not only to do her work, but also she helps others to do the same, always with a smile and respect to others.
Ana Patterson Maya Shih  10 Bringing Hope Maya has been a great Senator, she has demonstrated how to be a leader, and she does that by always helping others in any way is needed. Her collaboration is much appreciated and she is always willing to work with anyone. Very reliable and very respectful to others.
Ana Patterson Maliyah McCrary 9 Bringing Hope Maliyah is a freshman that likes to collaborate and help in anyway she can. For our Cultural week, she gladly spend a lot of time after school, helping with decorations, organization and she delivery stayed late to do that. She does bring hope, by helping always with a big smile on her face.
Patrick Alparone Ivanka Menezes 9 Bringing Hope Ivanka has been a strong and mature addition to the Theatre Department. Without being asked, she is ready to help and always approaches challenges with a positive attitude. Ivanka has grown in confidence and we're lucky to have her.
Patrick Alparone Shivi Garg 12 Being Family Shivi's growth as a leader has been incredible. She steps in to help at every oppurtunity and does so with calm maturity. She helps keep everything together backstage and is supportive of the entire cast and crew. 
Araceli Catalan Nicolas Christen 10 Building Respect Nicolas is being honored as the Student of the Month for exemplifying exceptional qualities in self-management, responsible decision-making, self-discipline, and accountability. He is able to effectively manage his time and actions, showing a high level of maturity and responsibility. He consistently makes thoughtful choices, considering the consequences of his actions and prioritizing his academic and personal goals. His self-discipline is shown in his dedication to his courses and extracurricular activities, showing perseverance and commitment even in challenging situations. Keep up the amazing work Nicolas!
Araceli Catalan Yanxi (Jessie) Zhou 10 Being Family Jessie embodies exceptional qualities of empathy, cooperation, pride in school, and appreciation of diversity. She consistently shows empathy in her interactions and relationships within the school community. She is always willing to share during our “family circle time” in advisory. Through her willingness to share, she fosters participation among the other advisory members. She is always willing and able to work in group settings and contribute positively whenever there is a chance. Her pride in school is evident in her enthusiastic participation in various activities. Jessie shows a genuine appreciation of diversity, embracing differences and advocating for inclusivity. Great job Jessie! I’m happy to be your advisory teacher!
Ana Patterson Anish Nambirajan 12 Educating Hearts and Minds Anish has been one of my best students in AP Spanish, despite of the challenging level of the class, he is very organized, willing to listen and follow instructions, and his persistency and open mind to learning another language, has made him very successful in the class. He has been a model student and I am very proud of him.
Ana Patterson Uchenna Anyanwu 12 Educating Hearts and Minds Uchena is by far, one of the best students I have. But his excellent work goes beyond his personal success, he is always willing to work with anyone and help others. Even though he is a quiet student, he is very well-liked by his peers and faculty. He has been also a key member of the Varsity soccer team, and this is not only because of his sklls in soccer, but also becuase of the fact that he is a great listener, follows all the instructions and he is always eager to learn more. I feel very lucky to have him as a student.