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Students of the Month | August 2023

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Students of the Month Criteria

The recognition of students who demonstrate academic, personal, and social responsibility. Students from each grade level will be selected every month. The selected students will get a certificate, their picture taken with the principal, plus a “go to the front of the lunch line” pass, good for one month.

Faculty/Staff Member Student's Name Grade Pillar/Mindset Demonstrated Details
Austin Reaker Logan Dilling 11 Leadership Logan has done a wonderful job being a leader in Anatomy and Physiology. Once he finishes his own work, and makes sure that it is correct, he goes around and helps the other people in class. It has been really nice knowing that a student like Logan is in the class looking to help his classmates succeed!
Austin Reaker Michael Aguirre 12 Accountable Michael has really stepped up in Spanish 3. He challenges himself to continue speaking in Spanish and to think of new ways to say things. Even when I am not around his group, he focuses on the work that is in front of him in order to get the work done efficiently and effectively.
Michael Tobler Chloe Ng 12 Perseverance Chloe showed real determination this month when she switched her schedule to accommodate AP Physics C, a class she was not planning on taking unless she did exceedingly well on the AP Physics 1 exam. She ended up scoring lower than her personal threshold but decided to take on the challenge of one of the hardest classes a High School can offer anyway. I'm really proud of that decision for her and know she will be amazing.
Jacob Schott Giselle Hebley 11 Bringing Hope Giselle is a great class leader and demonstrates tremendous energy and engagement in her own work motivating classmates to learn and stay on task. Moreover, Giselle has clearly spent the summer practicing her French working on pronunciation. Her "R" sound has evolved since last year.
Henny Chen Deverrick Johnson Jr. 9 Being Family Deverrick is a frosh in my advisory group. His empathy and cooperation create a supportive class family. Keep sharing thoughts and resources while fostering connections. He is making a positive impact.
Henny Chen John Camantigue 10 Building Respect I am very impressed that John showed post-summer growth evident in his self-management. His self-discipline and accountability could be a road model for his classmates. Keep up the positive trajectory!!
Henny Chen Kristine Tran 12 Bringing Hope Kristine shows her leadership as IWE and dedication to guiding the yearbook team. Her teamwork and perseverance shine through in every discussion. Thank you for your outstanding contributions.
Ben Greenbaum Josh Carle 9 Educating Hearts and Minds Josh is an intelligent student who is starting off his freshman year on the right foot. Josh is very focused on getting his work done and at the same time making new friends. Besides his clear focus and diligent work efforts, he gets along with everyone, including the students in advisory. What a great addition to the Mariner Family.
Ben Greenbaum Tiffany Ferrer 9 Bringing Hope I am so excited that Tiffany is a Mariner. She is a positive addition to the school. She is not only showing a great academic performance so far, but she also wants to join in on school activities, such as frosh council. Tiffany is a pleasure to have in class and I am excited to see all the great things she will accomplish and contribute to the Moreau community.
Araceli Catalan Xareny Ascencio 9 Bringing Hope Xareny stood out during our very first advisory period taking on a leadership role right from the start. She did a phenomenal job on her introductory slides and was the first to volunteer. Since then, she has continued to show up every advisory period and is always open to activities. I know she will do wonderful things during her time at Moreau as she has already proven to have a Mariner Mindset. Great job Xareny! Keep up the great work!
Araceli Catalan Jamarcus Hurd 11 Educating Hearts and Minds Jamarcus is starting the year off strong in Algebra 2! He has been on time with all of his assignments but has stood out with his excellent participation and attention in class. He often raises his hand to answer questions and is consistently focused. Great job showcasing the Mariner Mindset, Jamarcus! Keep up the excellent work!
Araceli Catalan Wesley Hisatake 9 Educating Hearts and Minds Wesley is starting the year off strong in Algebra! He has been on time with all of his assignments but has stood out with his excellent participation and attention in class. He often raises his hand to answer questions and is consistently focused. Great job adapting to the Mariner Mindset, Wesley! Keep up the excellent work!
Angela Irizarry Syrerra Sifuentes-Parker 11 Building Respect and Being Family Syrerra made a responsible decision to inform a teacher about information she overheard from another student concerning the possession and consumption of alcohol on campus. Syererra sharing this information to an adult demonstrated courage, responsibility, and care. The information was validated, resulting in administrators acting immediately to prevent the student from consuming alcohol and contributing to other students. This is an excellent example of families taking care of each other and taking pride in protecting the school and students from further harm. Excellent job in implementing the "If you see/hear something, say something" campaign we encourage Mariner families to do.
Kaia Richards Evan Santos 12 Educating Hearts and Minds Evan has gone above and beyond with planning and scheduling! He is exemplifying skills that help run organizations and rehearsals smoothly. I appreciate his communication and awareness.
Fr. Bruce Cecil Ray Torrey 9 Being Family Ray brings positive energy into the classroom with his smile and great attitude. He makes everyone feel included as part of our Mariner family.
Fr. Bruce Cecil Joseph Bridges 10 Bringing Hope Joseph brings me hope each day in class as my helper at the start of each class. He is positive, energetic, building hope to me and others in the class.
Fr. Bruce Cecil Riley Granzella 10 Being Family Riley is always full of energy and joy, giving her best when participating in class, energizing other students and promoting unity in our class as a family.
Fr. Bruce Cecil Sophie Pickett 12 Educating Hearts and Minds Sophie is full of great insights, sharing those with great integrity to enhance learning by the rest of the class. It is a joy to have her in my class for another semester.
Tony Rodriguez Annika Sese 10 Bringing Hope Annika is a student heavily invested in her studies. She is on-point every session. I'm proud to see her diligence and respect for her peers. She's genuinely kind and supportive. She gives our class hope. We're very proud to work with her!
Tony Rodriguez Brandon Hernandez 12 Being Family I see the respect and care Brandon has for his peers. He knows how to be that pillar of support for his classmates when we discuss curriculum. He works hard and produces great content. I'm moved by his engagement during class, and how he's always there to help a peer in need. He's the man!