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Students of the Month | February 2023

Students of the Month - Feb. 2023
  • Current Students
  • Students of the Month

Faculty/Staff Member Student's Name Grade Pillar/Mindset Demonstrated Details
Fr Bruce Prashant C. 10 Bringing Hope Prashant always arrives at class with a bright smile on his face, and eager attitude to learn, and a great willingness to help out
Fr Bruce Cole F. 10 Bringing Hope Cole is the first to arrive to class, always is excited and eager to learn, and exudes enthusiasm and hope to me as teacher and to the rest of the class. Cole is also very respectful and enthusiastic
Fr Bruce Juliana B. 10 Being Family Juliana is a very smart, studious, fun member of my 3rd period class, and a joy to have in the class, exuding quiet joy at being in class and learning.
Fr Bruce Avery W. 10 Bringing Hope Avery is new to me as a student this semester, but already has brightened up our class with his positive energy and smile
Fr Bruce Lila D. 9 Bring Hope Lila is bright, articulate, always full of enjoy and joy and puts a smile on my face everytime I have her in class
Fr Bruce Marcelo M. 10 Bringing Hope Marcelo is a transfer student and has been a truly wonderful addition to our school - bright, kind, hard-working, inquisitive, friendly. He has caused me to smile with his presence and to feel a lot of hope.
Peter Smith-Shelley Aline D. 9 Bringing Hope Aline is hard-working; faithful; creative and above all a top scholar with a big heart. She does amazing work on all assignments.
Ms. Mac Santiago R. 12 Educating Hearts and Minds Santiago has been an excellent leader and group mate to his lab group. He has led his group diligently through our most recent labs and has been working extremely hard. He is excited and eager to complete the hands on learning labs and does a wonderful job! Most recently, he helped a group, that was not his own, when their experiment went south. He explained what they needed to do next and helped assemble a piece of their lab supplies.
Ms. Mac Daniel S. 12 Bringing Hope Daniel has been working very hard with his group mates during our labs and brings a wonderfully positive and excited energy to class everyday. He is a joy to have in class!
Ms. Mac Oscar M. 11 Being Family Oscar is an incredibly kind, gracious, and understanding young man. He always arrives to class with a bright smile on his face and excited and eager to learn. He brightens up our class every day!
Henny Chen Darren C. 10 Bringing Hope Darren is everywhere when the class or the program needs him.He is very reliable. He is always involved to each events, giving his time and energe, and asking for nothing in return. Having him in class is his classmates, club peers and my pleasure. 
Henny Chen Sebastian E. 10 Educating Hearts and Minds Although Sebastian is very quiet, he always tries his best to communicate with everyone in his way. 
He has high expectations on himself but I can see that he is more patient with himself this year. He holds his accontability and takes responsibilities well, so he is constantly improving his hard and soft skills. 
Henny Chen Sarah L. 10 Educating Hearts and Minds Sarah is one of those rare students who is always challenge herself but with joy. She is willing to jump in, participate in class, and practice with partners without having fun in learning. She has a kind-hearted soul young lady who shares her passions with her peers and motive them working hard to archive goals.
Karen Wang Cameron C. 10 Brining Hope Cameron is incredibly dedicated to learning and always has an amazingly positive, respectful attitude. He brings a smile to everyone's face and consistantly participates
Karen Wang Henry H. 9 Educating Hearts and Minds Henry is incredibly bright and kind. He consistantly participates and has a excellent grade in the class. 
Karen Wang Dominic W. 10 Being Family Dominic fosters a very warm and inclusive enviironment in my class. He volunteered to nominate another student for Student Of The Month. He cares about everyone and is a great student
Karen Wang Krish L. 9 Educating Hearts and Minds Krish is extrememly bright and hardworking and a great role model. He tends to stop by class early and I always enjoy our friendly morning talks. He participates consistantly and is very astute. Ecxellent grade in the class
Toni West Susana P. 9 Educating Hearts and Minds Susana participated in the Hayward Rotary Speech Competition. She displayed leadership, effective and appropriate communication and empathy as she spoke about the need for more diverse education in our school system. She displayed great poise speaking as a Frosh in front of the Mayor, our school's president and countless city council members. 
Toni West Meghan F.  12 Educating Hearts and Minds and Bringing Hope  Meghan has constantly stepped up every time she has been asked to go outside of her comfort zone this year. I have asked her to speak with visitors, address the Frosh class for Day of Service and speak at the Hayward Rotary Speech Competition. With all that she is balancing her senior year, she has always said yes, and then put her all in every tasks. She was so impressive during her speech addressing the issue of unhoused youth in Hayward, that a council member now wants to connect with her on creating a program that is similar to Up on Top. Speaking for the administration and campus ministry, we are blessed to have Meghan on our campus using her voice in order to Bring Hope for our students, and our greater community.