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Students of the Month | January 2024

Students of the Month | January 2024
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Students of the Month Criteria

The recognition of students who demonstrate academic, personal, and social responsibility. Students from each grade level will be selected every month. The selected students will get a certificate, their picture taken with the principal, plus a “go to the front of the lunch line” pass, good for one month.

Faculty/Staff Member Student's Name Grade  Pillar/Mindset Demonstrated Details 
K. Richards Abrielle Mendiola 12 Building Hope Abrielle is stepping up/filling the shoes as the leader of the talent show. She's reaching out to the student body, encouraging them to share their talents, and being the bridge between the student body and me. Thanks, Abrielle!
Henny Chen Caelyn Peralta 11 Education hearts and minds Caelyn has consistently demonstrated exceptional creativity in her role as a yearbook editor. Her dedication to capturing the essence of our school year through captivating layouts, vibrant designs, and insightful content has truly set her apart. Caelyn's attention to detail and commitment to ensuring that every student's story is represented shines through in the quality of the yearbook.
Henny Chen Prabnoor Kaur 12 Building Hope Probnoor shows her outstanding leadership and dedication in leading classmates to complete the senior pages of the yearbook. Her tireless efforts and commitment to excellence have truly made a lasting impact on the final product. Her ability to coordinate and inspire your peers is commendable and her invaluable contribution to making our yearbook a cherished memento for all graduating seniors.
K. Parker Ivanka Menezes 9 Education hearts and minds Ivanka brings so much thought and care to each of her art projects. Her pieces are a success thanks to her strong planning skills as well as the beautiful craftsmanship and details added. Whether we are working 2D or 3D she appears to acquire the skills effortlessly and then shows them off with an inventive and unique style. Always on task and a kind classmate, she has been a true role model of what a successful art student looks like. 
K. Parker Alyssa Taroy 9 Education hearts and minds Alyssa is one of the hardest workers in her class. She plugs away with determination and is not hesitant to add complexity to our projects to show off her advanced skills. I appreciate her willingness to ask for questions and feedback and have loved watching her build and create this year!
K. Parker Anakin Orille 9 Building Respect Anakin has shown to be a true tinkerer and builder this year. There has been an evident spark when we have worked on our 3D projects this year. It has been great to watch him build on some existing skills and create with an inventive and detailed style. He also contributes to our class environment with a friendly, calm, and kind attitude which is always appreciated!
K. Parker Curtis Mendoza 9 Bringing Hope Curtis has shown to be such a thoughtful and attentive art student. His organization and planning skills are impressive and benefit his art projects. Whether we are working in 2D or 3D, he is not hesitant to be creative and unique all while showing off beautiful techniques and craftsmanship. 
A. Catalan Gavin Sy Su 9 Building Respect Gavin has put in so much effort this semester and has shown self-discipline and responsibility. He is always ready for class, participates, takes risks, and is consistently focused and attentive. He has been a role model in class and has gained confidence in math this semester. Keep up the great work Gavin!
A. Catalan Grace Libiran 10 Educating Hearts and Mind Grace is consistently responsible and hard working in Algebra 2 and does an excellent job in asking clarifying questions to ensure understanding of the material, if that is ever the case. She is organized, communicates effectively what she needs, and is consistently progressing in class. Keep up the great work Grace!
A. Reaker Riley Granzella 10 Educating Hearts and Mind Riley exemplifies Educating Hearts and Minds through her Academic Progress and Excellence. She never fails to ask questions either to clarify the material or to deepen her engagement with the material. Through her focus on her work, she improves the quality of her classmates' understanding of the material. 
A. Reaker Sophie Wijeyeratnam 9 Bringing Hope Sophie does an incredible job working with others. With each of her partners, she engages them in the lab or assignment that they are working on and asks poignant questions to make sure that they correctly understand what they should be doing. I enjoy knowing that I can pair Sophie up with anyone, and she will do a great job getting to know them and supporting them with their own work. 
A. Reaker Empress Walker 11 Building Respect Empress has been a leader in Honors A&P day in and day out. She exemplifies building respect through her strong self-management and self-discipline. As we work on our Anatomy in Clay Manikens, she does a great job staying focused to create detailed muscles and tendons on her Maniken while still conversing and helping out her classmates. Keep up the great work!
Henny Chen Nicholas Cheong 10 Being Family Nicholas has demonstrated exceptional commitment and selflessness by dedicating significant time and effort to assist the yearbook team in tagging individuals. This task not only demands a comprehensive knowledge of a multitude of people but also requires meticulous attention to detail, both of which Nicholas has showcased admirably. His willingness to go above and beyond in contributing to the success of the yearbook reflects a commendable sense of teamwork and community spirit.
Andy Ward Tvisha Garodia 9 Educating Hearts and Mind Tvisha truly epitomizes what a Mariner scholar can be. She works hard to achieve strong grades by consistently turning in high-quality work that is well-organized and demonstrates tremendous thought and effort. She is also just as interested in the process of learning, bringing an inquisitive curiosity to class discussions that elevates the nature of those conversations for the class. Tvisha is thoughtful, positive, friendly, and respectful by nature so her classmates gravitate to her, and she works well with all partners/groups. A pleasure to have in class and a Mariner who will make herself and her community proud during her journey at Moreau.
Andy Ward Charlotte Cruz 9 Educating Hearts and Mind AND Being Family Charlotte is an absolute pleasure to have in class and is a true Mariner! She receives excellent grades through hard work, consistent effort, and thorough preparation. She is an active participant in class and thrives on the analytical nature of our critical reading, writing, and in-class discussions. Charlotte is a truly terrific teammate to all other friends and peers in the Mariner family. She energetically leads group work through her positive and inclusive demeanor, making everyone feel welcome and making it easy to do their best within the group.
Kim Capurro Saia Taesali 11 Bringing Hope, Building Respect, Being Family Saia was an outstanding representative of Moreau Catholic High School last week during the Admissions Interviews. On several occasions, I asked if he wouldn't mind escorting families to the 3rd floor reception area. He gladly agreed to, and without any coaching from anyone, greeted our guests with a handshake and welcomed them to campus. He immediately told them a little bit about himself, about the seal, and more about the school as they headed upstairs. Although he was only asked to escort them up, he made them feel right at home and gave them a tour of the school along the way. His enthusiasm, kindness, warmth, and respect truly shined through. You are amazing, Saia! Thank you!!
Tony Rodriguez Evan Santos 12 Bringing Hope Evan Santos brought light to darkness as he selflessly jumped in to offer much-needed aid to the SPICE of LIFE student concert. Evan either assisted or took the reigns to run lights, sound, and beyond. He saw our dire need was great, and he served with great enthusiasm. We are incredibly grateful for his support and selfless nature. Go, Evan! :)
David Baptist Micah Marks 9 Bringing Hope Micah brings positivity and engagement to our classroom every 1st Period! He is diligent and thorough in his approach to our class assignments and responsibilities. He is a human highlight reel when it comes to displaying Mariner Mindset.
David Baptist Joshua Morrow 11 Educating Hearts and Minds Joshua has a keen understanding of the world around him. He is committed to academic achievement, and he makes our classroom a better learning environment by offering analysis to discussion questions. Thank you, Joshua, for prioritizing our class.
Sam Wainwright Sir Gabourel 10 Building Respect I have been teaching Sir since the 4th quarter of last school year, and I am so proud of the growth he's shown in English class. Especially in the last several months, I have seen growth in his communication, focus in class, academic progress, and most of all, a positive attitude every day in class, engaging with the material and participating in class discussions. Great work, Sir!