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Students of the Month | March 2024

Students of the Month | March 2024
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Students of the Month Criteria

The recognition of students who demonstrate academic, personal, and social responsibility. Students from each grade level will be selected every month. The selected students will get a certificate, their picture taken with the principal, plus a “go to the front of the lunch line” pass, good for one month.

Faculty/Staff Member Student's Name Grade  Pillar/Mindset Demonstrated Details 
Fr. Bruce Cecil Camille Walton 9 Bring Hope Camille is a very hardworking, responsible student. It is great having her in my class.
Fr. Bruce Cecil Bryce Presley 9 Being Family Bryce has been a great student in my class. He always is polite and respectful to other students, and exemplifies the Moreau mindset of being family.
Fr. Bruce Cecil Ezana Tirusew 10 Educating Hearts and Minds Ezana is one of the hardest working, brightest and most respectful students in my class. In addition to academics, he is kindhearted and truly embodies the Mariner mindset goal of education both mind and heart.
Fr. Bruce Cecil Carlotta Dillon 10 Educating Hearts and Minds Carlotta is a wonderful, responsible, hardworking, dedicated student academically, but also, a kind, respectful student who helps others and trully exemplifies the Moreau pillar of educating both mind and heart.
Henny Chen Anthony Cascone 9 Building respect Anthony devoted a significant amount of time outside the classroom to create and decorate the dragon for the Culture Week event. He approached each step with meticulous care and discipline, ensuring that every detail was completed to perfection. However he is also flexible when some unexpected things happened. Anthony consistently sought out and committed to convenient times to accomplish tasks, demonstrating his dedication and determination. Even when other team members had left, he remained steadfast in his efforts to enhance the project.
Henny Chen Eduardo Nuno-Hernandez 9 Being Family Eduardo may not be one of my Chinese students, but he generously dedicated a significant amount of time to assist my Chinese 1 students in completing their projects. I observed his patience and helpfulness, as well as the camaraderie and support he showed towards his classmates. I am deeply touched by Eduardo's efforts and would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to him for his kindness and assistance.
Austin Reaker Avirishi Sharma 9 Educating Hearts and Minds Avi has been educating his own heart and mind, but also those of his classmates. First, he asks wonderful questions because I know that he really wants to understand the material. He brings the class to a depth in the information that would otherwise not be there. Second, he is happy to share what he has learned with others. He has really grown in his patience. At first, he just wanted the information so that he knew it, but the way that he helps others better understand the material has created a second teacher in the classroom and I really appreciate his support. 
Kristen Parker Arielle Manzanares 11 Educating Hearts and Minds Arielle exhibits exceptional creativity and talent in each project. Her artwork stands out for its originality and attention to detail. She dedicates herself to the tasks explored and her finished pieces add vibrancy and inspiration to our classroom environment. I appreciate her helpfulness and positive attitude in the classroom as well, whether it's lending a hand to classmates or offering insightful contributions during discussions, she offers a positive impact on our classroom community.
Kristen Parker Braylon Reyes 10 Educating Hearts and Minds Braylon has shown remarkable work ethic and determination in each of our Ceramic projects this semester. He takes great pride in his work and strives to achieve his personal best with each skill and technique we cover. He has a positive attitude I can count on and willingness to tackle challenges head-on, this contributes significantly to our classroom's collaborative and supportive atmosphere.
Kristen Parker Ashlin Dale 12 Educating Hearts and Minds Throughout our recent art projects, Ashlin has consistently demonstrated a level of creativity and innovation that is truly exceptional. Her unique perspective and imaginative approach to each piece has set her apart as one of the more inventive students in our classroom. Her ability to think outside the box shows off her creative spirit. I appreciate her genuine curiosity and eagerness to explore new ideas and possibilities. She quickly picks up sklls in new mediums and techniques which not only enriches her own artistic journey but also serves as an inspiration to her classmates.
Thomas Trang Alyssa Taroy 9 Bring Hope Alyssa shows hope with her work ethics and never give up when encountering hard math problems. She also help her classmate whenever she sees them struggle.
Thomas Trang Hanne Shirriff 10 Bring Hope Hanne never refused to help her classmates when they struggled.
Thomas Trang Charlotte Cruz 10 Bring Hope Charlotte helps her classmates with Geometry when she sees them struggled
Thomas Trang Jihae Hwang 9 Bring Hope Jihae always ask questions to help herself and classmates for a clearer understanding.
Thomas Trang Vy Nguyen 9 Bring Hope Vy helps students with various topics im math.
T-Rod Amariah Brown 10 Bringing Hope Amariah faces each academic challenge with grace and steadfast determination. I am so proud of her constant focus on her studies. She works well with her peers, often taking on a leadership role. Amariah is truly golden!
T-Rod Isa'bella DeRosa 12 Being Family Bella brings a smile to our class. She’s very personable, hard-working, and supportive. I'm grateful for her friendly communication and kind demeanor. 
T-Rod Isabella Nayak 12 Being Family Izzy has a great aura. She spreads much positivity with those she interacts with in class. She's a hard worker, and she's supportive to her peers. I appreciate her kind hearted ways.
T-Rod Seth Evans 10 Building Respect Seth is a hard-working student. He communicates well. He’s very respectful and kind. I dig his dedication to improving his school work. I appreciate his supportive ways to his peers. He's a fun student to work with in class!
Patrick Alparone Samantha Chun 11 Bringing Hope Samantha has been helping me set up the classroom for a long time. I’ve never asked her to help. She just does it to be helpful. She's not a student in my class but I’m so happy to have her in the room.
Patrick Alparone Mandakini Iyer 9 Educating Hearts and Minds Mandee jumped into a role that requires a lot of organization and patience. She is invaluable in rehearsal and look forward to having them in rehearsal in the future.
Araceli Catalan Izaak Sanchez 9 Building Respect Izaak has done an incredible job focusing and being consistently responsible in class. He offers insight and answers questions and he is a great example to his classmates. Throughout the year, Izaak has shown self management, responsible decision making, self discipline and accountability which is why I chose him for my student of the month for exemplifying our Holy Cross Pillar “Building Respect.” Keep up the great work Izaak!
Araceli Catalan Avantika Saxena 12 Bringing Hope Avantika has done a wonderful job being a leader in our advisory group, as she was one of the two students who were selected to be the advisory leaders. She is helpful and participates in our “family circle time” consistently. I have also had the privilege of having her as my IWE and is willing to help students by sharing her talents in math to help guide them through math assignments. Recently, I saw her come in to my classroom during office hours and help one of her friends with test corrections. Thank you Avantika for being a great role model and leader!