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Students of the Month | November 2023

Students of the Month | November 2023
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Students of the Month Criteria

The recognition of students who demonstrate academic, personal, and social responsibility. Students from each grade level will be selected every month. The selected students will get a certificate, their picture taken with the principal, plus a “go to the front of the lunch line” pass, good for one month.

Faculty/Staff Member Student's Name Grade  Pillar/Mindset Demonstrated Details 
K. Wang Joshua Carle 9 Educating Hearts and Minds Joshua gives 110% to all the work he does. He really puts in so much effort into his work, making him an exemplary student. I am contantly impressed at how diligent he is, he really cares about his own education and goes above and beyond on assignments. I have so much respect for him and he is a tremendous pleasure to have in class. One of the most excellent students I've ever had.
K. Parker Berne Chu 12   Berne has excelled in Ceramics this semester, she has approached each project this year as an opportunity to create new beautiful work of art. Her attention to details are exquisite and her creativity seems boundless. She has picked up each new technique seemingly effortlessly- it has been such a pleasure to work with her and watch her work!
K. Parker Amaria Spikes 9   Amaria shows up to each art class full of ideas and plans- it is great to watch the sparks of creativy fly with each project. She has shown to be a kind and friendly student to both her peers and teacher, a complete pleasure to work with!
K. Parker Elijah Cariaso 9   Elijah plugs in to each class ready to create and do his very best. The result of his attention to details and quickness to pick up skills has resulted in beautiful and thoughtful artwork. He has been a kind and friendly student in the room and a role model to his peers of what a successful art student is.
K. Parker Alexander Sanchez 11   Alex is a tremendous artist who is equipped with both exceptional skills and strong creativity. He has completed each of out drawing projects to his very best, always adding his own flair and advanced understanding to make the pieces both unique and outstanding. It has been a real joy to watch him work and create this semester!
K. Parker Railey Gomez 10   Railey has been so fun to watch work and build this semester in Ceramics. He is a true artist, full of ideas and equipped with the skills and techniques to make them come to life. He picks up the concepts we cover quickly and makes his projects his own, they truly stand out. He has been an appreciated calm presence in the room as well, bringing both maturity and kindness to the room. 
Henny Chen Lucas Dong 9 Being Family Being an advanced learner in my class has never deterred Lucas from aspiring to do better. He genuinely enjoys the language, as evidenced by his consistent questioning and active participation. Additionally, he demonstrates unwavering support for his classmates, assisting them in enhancing their Mandarin learning experience.
Henny Chen Maya Shih 10 Bringing Hope As a highly responsible senator, Maya played a crucial role in helping the yearbook team achieve its deadline. She demonstrates a keen sense of organization, ensuring that everything is in its designated place. She understands the expectations, and performance is meticulously tracked. Most importantly, she is a volunteer helper!
Henny Chen Brooklyn Palacios 11 Being Family Brooklyn never left people behind. Brooklyn exemplifies a commendable spirit of inclusivity and support within the Chinese program. Her outstanding quality of never leaving anyone behind is truly noteworthy. Brooklyn willingly extends a helping hand to those without partners, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to collaborate effectively and successfully complete projects. Her commitment to teamwork and her compassionate approach make her an invaluable asset. 
Coach Ben Makaela Luman 11 Building Respect Makaela is a great student that continuasly shows great self disciplin and focus on her accademics. She works well with others and she can always be counted on for an honest and respectful response. 
Coach Ben Keanna Ramos 11 Educating Hearts and Minds Keanna is such a pleasure to have in class. She enteres class with a big smile and is just a postitive addition to the classroom. Always optomistic, Keanna works well with others and has a great attitude. 
Coach Ben Danika Ferrer 9 Being Family Danika is a exceletnt student that works hard and lets her inner light shine. She greats her teachers with a smile and works well with her classmates. Danika treats others with the respect and dignity that everyone deserves. 
Karen Thomas Elissa Gonzalez 9 Being Family Elissa is such a bright and warm presecence in the classrooom. She always greets witha. smile and story from her day. She is an avid drawer and constantly working, and holds herself to ahigh standard.
Karen Thomas Princess Viray 9 Bringing Hope Princess is a quiet fire. She is so steady in her work ethic and kind to everyone in class. I also love how her creativity springs forth from her, and she is always willing to experiment, and has a growth mindset.
Karen Thomas Lizzie Barr 12 Bringing Hope Lizzie brings hope through their persistent pursuit of artistic greatness. Lizzie strives for the both classes I have them in and is constantly creating, and pus=hing herself. Lizzie brings the class of AP ART hope through their tireless work ethic.
R. Spinelli Cole Fisher 11 Bringing Hope Cole brings hope to me each day I see him. He always has a smile on his face with a witty comment. He helped me at Back To School night by sitting in the back of my room and working my .PPT slides. He was energetic and made this long night for me so much easier to complete. Thanks Cole, you totally ROCK!
R. Spinelli Arianna Chacon 10 Bringing Hope and Respect Ari brings hope and respect each and every day during Advisory. She helped me organize and sort all the Halloween bags for Link Crew and she isn't even a member of this prestiguous group yet. She is a born leader who is always willing to assist any member of the MCHS faculty and staff. Thanks Ari for being such a positve and helpful student at MCHS. You are truly amazing. Keep it up!
Araceli Catalan Kailey Swart 11 Educating Hearts and Minds Building Respect Kailey is a responsible, hard working and driven student. She has been consistent with her efforts in class and is quick to grasp concepts. Her diligence and sense of responsibility is what really stands out. I appreciate you and your hard work Kailey! It does not go unnoticed. 
Araceli Catalan Eisiq Cole-Shephard 12   Eisiq has been phenomenal as my IWE during 2nd period.In addition the helping with the daily tasks, he always goes above and beyond in helping the students. He is more than happy to answer any questions they have about the lessons or classwork. He is always on time and open to doing many of the tasks that help the class run smoothly. Thank you Eisiq! I will miss you next sememster. 
Fr. Bruce Erik Niemann 10 Educating Hearts and Minds Erik is an outstanding student, always interested in educating his mind, but not at the expense of the heart, because he also is very compassionate, caring and kind to others. I love having him in my class