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Students of the Month | October 2022

Students of the Month - October 2022
  • Current Students
  • Students of the Month

Faculty/Staff Member Student's Name Grade Pillar/Mindset Demonstrated Details
Fr. Bruce Campbell Duke 10 Bringing Hope Campbell is so bright, insightful, and concerned about making the world better, that he really brings me (and others in class) hope for the future. I just love his eagerness and enthusiasm for learning.
Fr. Bruce Empress Walker 10 Educating Hearts and Minds From the very start of the semester, Empress impressed me with her wit, intelligence, and eagerness to excel. She is a wonderful asset to my Church History class in Period 5. She will go far on the road to success, I am sure, but more importantly, she also will be a person who also gives back to make the world a better place.
Fr. Bruce Kellen Hampton 10 Being Family Kellen is a ball of energy and positivity, who just brightens up each and every class with his eager, joyful enthusiasm. His participation in class helps everyone in the class to feel good about themselves as a family. He is bright, articulate, and just fun to have as a student in my 3rd Period Church History class.
Fr. Bruce Charles Winfield 10 Bringing Hope Charles is that wonderful student that every teacher loves - bright, serious about his studies, eager to work hard and do his very best. He impressed me early on in the semester because of his tenacity in seeking me out during office hours for insight and help with a project. He works hard and is a superb student. I love having him in my 3rd period Church History Class.
Tony Rodriguez Matthew Cusick 10 Bringing Hope Matthew is a scholar of many trades. He supports our class by bringing in his insight and knowledge on tech-based concerns, social activities, and beyond. He's very inclusive and respectful to all. He's such a fun student to work with in the class. VERY proud!
Tony Rodriguez Joshua Cheng 12 Educating Hearts and Minds Joshua comes from a loving family. He takes that love and brings it to his peers and shows respect for all. His contributions to class discussion serve as a strong example of a studious student. He's engaged and on-point in class. He's fun and knows how to lift up his peers. Joshua makes me proud daily! :)
Austin Reaker William Velasco 12 Being Family It was hard to choose one pillar as Will truly exemplifies all 4 pillars and what it means to be a Mariner. The reason I choose Being Family is because Will is always looking out for others by cooperating and empathizing with all of the students in my 7th period class. He is more than an IWE, and is even more than a TA. He has gone above and beyond to build relationships with each of the students in my class, so then they feel comfortable asking him questions when they are confused. He will ask questions before the class starts so he knows what the students are doing and what they might need more support on. He also helps keep the room and labs organized. I couldn't be more appreciative for all of the help that Will has put in. Thank you to him for exemplifying what it means to be a Mariner.
Nichole McGowan Sherry Liu 10 Being Family Sherry not only is one of the most organized student leaders I've ever had, she's also one of the kindest students I've had. She is a role model to other students and someone I can trust to get the job done. I appreciate her empathy for others and her choice to be an upstander in difficult situations. I'm grateful to have her in student government.
Caitlin Riley Kamsi Okonkwo 11 Being Family Kamsi and his group members lead a review session that would impress any teacher. They took turns teaching each other the concepts and going through each review problem thoughtfully.
Caitlin Riley Angelica Chavez 11 Being Family Angelica and her group members lead a review session that would impress any teacher. They took turns teaching each other the concepts and going through each review problem thoughtfully.
Peter Smith-Shelley Angelo Meraz 10 Being Family Angelo is very thoughtful, grateful and keenly aware of doing the right thing and keeping family close. His recent project on Web of Promises was deeply appreciative of all the support he has which pushes him to be the best in all he does!
Tony Rodriguez Olayiwola "David" Abraham 12 Educating Hearts and Minds David is a major support system in class. He often contributes insightful and profound content. He's engaged and respectful, hard-working and creative. He contributes to and fosters an environment of academic, social, and spiritual growth. He's the MAN!
Henny Chen Chloe Ng 11 Bringing Hope Chloe is a successful learner starting with having a positive attitude towards learning.As a non-native Chinese speaker, Chloe not only personally works very hard in the AP Chinese class, but also self-initiated leads classmates to build up solid learning skills in notes taking and learning strategies.She is always hold positive attituate even if she did not do well in the test.She never give up!!
Henny Chen Rudradaman Iyer 12 Educating Hearts and Minds Ruby transforms to an amazing matual young adult this semester!! He takes care all his work. He holds his accontability and takes responsibilities well. He shares his meaningful and useful suggestions to others in class.I am honor to see his growth in his senior year.
Henny Chen Ching Ying Kok 10 Being Family Ching Ying consistently challenges herself in my class and helps classmates to practice all the time before unit exams. In addition to be an amazing leader in class, she also serves as an officer in Chinese club this year. Beside working with other club officers, Ching ying used her own time and said "Yes" to all leftover works and took cares so many works to make the teacher appreciation event successfully and smoothly.
Baptist Niko Taroy 11 Educating Hearts and Minds Thank you for your diligence and hard work, Niko. You never take shortcuts and you always develop analysis of history and society with detail and clarity.
Baptist Sneha Santhosh 11 Building Respect Sneha, thank you for your questions and comments during our class discussions. You never hesitate to offer your analysis of topics and events ... that is the hallmark of respect for our learning enviroment (and the attribute of a great leader).
West Pedro Barrales 9 Being Family Always helpful, polite and pleasant when I have any encounters with him. Assisted our Athletic Director, Ms. Erica with a heavy box without hesitation. Pedro (Peter) has done a good job so early in his frosh year of demonstrating the Mariner Mindset and living out our Holy Cross pillars.
Schott Michael Meseret 9 Being family Michael is a quiet leader in French 1 class. His work is always accurate, well-organized, and thoughtful, but more than his academic success, he leads by example. He is serious, disciplined, and respectful. He put together a tremendous presentaiton on Jacques Cartier, and his alsways more than willing to help his partners and groups to find their best.
Tobler Joshua Beltran 12 Educating Hearts and Minds Not only has Josh been educating his mind by coming in to ask questions going beyond what we learned last year in an effort to broaden his scope, he has also demonstrated his heart in educating other minds by coming in to my class and helping some of the frosh with their work during his lunch period.
Galloway Jeremiah Charles 10 Being FamilyBringing Hope Jeremiah was the ultimate upstander when he kept tension between 2 adults from escalating at a home FB game. Jeremiah was able to keep the adults separated until I got to him, giving me time to call Campus Supervisors as well. His quick actions brought me hope that there will be better times with our Mariners out in the world and was demonstrated Being Family by acting as an upstander. THANK YOU, Jeremiah!