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Students of the Month | October 2023

Students of the Month | October 2023
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Students of the Month Criteria

The recognition of students who demonstrate academic, personal, and social responsibility. Students from each grade level will be selected every month. The selected students will get a certificate, their picture taken with the principal, plus a “go to the front of the lunch line” pass, good for one month.

Faculty/Staff Member Student's Name Grade Pillar/Mindset Demonstrated Details
Fr. Bruce Dhruv Gannamraju 10 Being Family Dhruv is friendly, inquisitive, energetic and makes everyone around him smile. He exudes a positive attitude of helpfulness and collaboration with others, and "being family" 
Fr. Bruce Mahima Rajesh 10 Respect Mahima is so respectful, hard working, and conscientious as a bright, inquisitive, positive part of our classroom. It is a joy to have her as one of my students this semester.
Fr Bruce Shaun Elchico 10 Being Family Shaun is a great addition to my class. He exudes positive energy as he enters the room and makes everyone around him feel cared for and welcomed, as part of our Mariner and classroom family.
Fr Bruce Donovan Edwards 10 Being Family Donny is always energetic, kindhearted, helpful to others. He embodies "being family" and is a real joy to have in class.
Fr Bruce Yanxi Jessie Zhou 10 Educating Hearts and Minds Jessie is smart, hard working, dependable, focused on her studies. She embodies a sincere desire to be well educated in both mind and heart.
Ben Greenbaum Sara Eusebio 9 Being Family Sara has transitions into Moreau nicely. She smiles and brings good vibes into the classroom. She works hard and treats everyone with respect and kindness. 
Ben Greenbaum Jihae Hwang 9 Bringing Hope Jihae is a beacon of hope. She works hard in the classroom, she is respectful, she volunteers, and she is a good leader. She has shown kindness as well as a drive to learn. I am very happy that I have gotten to know Jihae and I look forward for the rest of the school year with her in the classroom. 
Henny Chen Davina Gonzales 12 Bringing Hope Throughout the yearbook class, Davina has consistently demonstrated exceptional dedication and creativity. Davina not only excels in setting up an outstanding model for the class but also shares her innovative ideas, taking the lead on numerous yearbook design topics. Her leadership and collaborative spirit have greatly enriched our class discussions and project outcomes. 
Ben Greenbaum Marcelo Molina-Aced 11 Bringing Hope Marcelo is a bright and intelligent young man that works hard in the classroom. He does his work diligently and does not waste his time. He is a pleasure to have in class. 
Ana Patterson Angelina Hisataki 10 4 pillards Angelina has shown the example of our four pillars of the Holy Cross; with her guidance, constant work and tremendous leadership. The Polynesian club was able to put together an incredible show in order to raise funds for Maui. All the participants worked very hard; but Angelina organized the dances, the participants, the choreagraphy and she was always hopeful that everything was going to be great. Thank you Angie for all your work. 
Ana Patterson Samantha Komrowski 9 4 pillars Samantha has been a key member of the student senate. She is a natural leader and she has represent the freshmen class with excellence. Samantha is always willing to participate and help in any way; despite of her busy schedule. She is very reliable and she can work with anyone and helps anybody in a vry humble way. She is truly a great example to others.
Ana Patterson Tilak Patel 11 4 pillars Tilak has been my right had since the very begining in the Student senate. He is very respectful to others, always willing to help in any way; very considering to other's opinions and he is very hands on. He represents the four Pillars of the Holy Cross; and as an Associate myself, I feel very proud of all his work. Thank you Tilak.
Ana Patterson Danica Gregorio 12 4 pillars Danica is an incredible mariner; she is a hard worer, very reliable, super respectful. And I feel specially grateful with her participation in our Maui show. Without being part of the Polynesian Club, she inmediately acept my request for her help during the show with the sound system. She said yes righ away, and she spent her entire Sunday with us, making sure the show will have perfect sound. Danica is a true example of what it means to be a Mariner. Thank you Danica.
Ana Patterson Karsten Balsuryia 12 4 pillards Kaarsten has trully demonstrated the four pillars of the Holy Cross. He is a kind student, always willing to help others, and he does that with a smile a in a humble way. I am very thankful with her help with the sound system in our Maui show. When I was looking for help, he inmediately agree to help us and spet his entire sunday with us, making sure that everything was going to work out. He is an example to other young man in our community. Thank you Karsten.
Ana Patterson Jess Wang 11 4 pillars Jess Wang is a young person who is trully happy helping others; she has become my to go person in many situations. This time, I really want to thank Jess for the incredible help she provided to the Polynesian CLub during our Maui show. She was a key helper in many ways; and I love the fact that when Jess helps anyone, she always does it with a beautiful smile. Thank you Jess.
Ana Patterson Arshia Signh 11 4 pillars With her leadership skills, participation, and always help, Arshia has shown the four pilars of a Holy Cross student here at Moreau. Arshia always volunteers to help, to participate in class and to be the first one on presenting or answering a question. This time, I am particularly thankful for her tremendous help to the Polynesian club during the Maui show . Arshia agree to help with the lighting, but her help was not limitted to that, she graciously help in any way she could with cleaning, decorations, etc. Spending her entire Sunday with us. Thank you very much Arshia.
Jessica Guidotti Miles McGriff Giwa 9 Bringing Hope Miles is an amazing role model to his peers. He regularly shares insightful contributions during class discussions and shows true curiosity in learning. It's clear from his work ethic that he stives to improve his writing and develop his skills in English. 
Ben Greenbaum Natalie Rodriguez 10 Building Respect While some students do not know how to handle socially awkward situations, Natalie can handle herself with grace and dignity while continuing to express her feelings and boundaries. Natalie showed a true sense of pride of self and respect for others that may not understand how to act. I want to commend Natalie for her actions and her calm demeanor. 
Karen Wang Kaden Sewell 10 Educating Hearts and Minds Kaden is an extremely intellegent young man, and a real pleasure to have in my class. He consistantly works hard and this is definitely reflected by the perfect grade he has in my class! He participates a lot and is respectful and always on task. A true role model for other students.
Henny Chen Travis Peng 11 Being Family Travis became a true leader in my class and outside of the classroom. He always take care of others but also holds themselves accountable. He values relationships and do his best to support others. He promotes a vision by helping the fundraising event. Glad to see his growth. 
Coach Ben Marcelo Molina Aced 11 Educating Hearts and Minds Marcelo is a wonderful student. He is dedicated to his studies and works dilligently and effectively in the classroom. He works well with others and uses his time wisely. He is also polite and respectful. He is a great example of a Mariner.