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Students of the Month | September 2022

Students of the Month - September 2022
  • Current Students
  • Students of the Month
Elizabeth Zepeda

Faculty/Staff Member Student's Name Grade Pillar/Mindset Demonstrated Details
Fr. Bruce Amanda Jimenez 9 Being Family Amanda is pure energy in the most positive way. She eagerly jumps into all activities in class and helps motivate and energize other students to do the same. She uplifts our entire class and makes it feel like a real family.
Fr. Bruce Tiago Dias 10 Educating Hearts and Minds Tiago is always eager and willing to participate in our class discussions and activities, with real wit and insight. He is excited to learn and a wonderful asset to Period 3 Church History.
Fr. Bruce Masooma Shera 10 Educating Hearts and Minds Masooma is a bright, articulate, insightful student who is a joy to have in class. She is eager to participate and make the class the very best that it can be.
Fr. Bruce Jalen Thomas 10 Being Family Jalen is one of those rare students who is always willing to jump in and participate in class, with insightful ideas and comments, and to energize the rest of the class to also stay active and participate. He makes it a joy to teach my 9th Period Church History class.
Henny Chen Francesca Garcia 10 Educating Hearts and Minds Francesca helps her Chinese 1 classmates in so many different ways. She voluntarily assists anyone who missed the class to catch up on all learning materials after school. She observes others' needs and put them into her consideration. In addition, she takes action to support them. She has an amazing soul and she is a very good role model for freshmen.
Ben Greenbaum Alexander Pimentel 9 Bringing Hope On the frosh retreat, Alex showed deep care and concern for his classmates. He happily and eagerly made friends with students that are a little more introverted. Alex brings Hope to others by being so willing to be kind and caring to others.
Ben Greenbaum Elizabeth Sandoval 12 Bringing Hope Elizabeth is a kind-hearted young lady that works hard to bring peace and comfort to others. Greeting people with a smile and a cheerful attitude, Elizabeth is a leader that others can look up to.
Ben Greenbaum Mecca Taylor 9 Bringing Hope Mecca is a wonderful student that brings a smile and happy attitude to her teachers and classmates. Always willing to participate, Mecca works hard and effectively. She is a pleasure to have in the classroom and I look forward to seeing Mecca lead the school as she continues to grow and learn.
Rob Gatrell Angelica Chavez 11 Bringing Hope In our team sports class, we started the year with archery to help build individual confidence. Angelica has scored 2 perfect rounds in archery and won the class tournament with no archery experience. She stayed consistent and steady throughout the unit and did a great job.
Ben Greenbaum Shivi Garg 11 Being Family Shivi showed patience and compassion as she helped me learn new computer skills. Instead of getting frustrated, she patiently showed me how to navigate the computer system. Thank you for teaching me new skills.
Tony Rodriguez Jack Buckley 12 Building Respect Jack is in a rather noisy class. Not noisy in a disrespectful way at all, but noisy in the sense of the class being filled with an energy that takes a little more time than usual to quiet. It's not a worrisome issue. Jack, however, has been mindful of this and has worked hard to maintain a One-Mic classroom environment. Great class. Great energy. And Jack's great for being a support system in class management. He's the man!
Tony Rodriguez Jonathan Tarabay 10 Bringing Hope Jonathan is such an effective communicator. He is very engaged, prepared, and objective-driven. He knows what his goals are, and he works towards achieving them by fully grasping content and studiously developing his work. He's a hard worker and a fun student to work with in class. VERY proud of the man. He brings a lot to the culture of the class, as well as the school.
Karen Thomas Micaiah Tarape 9 Bringing Hope Micaiah Bring hope through the way she endlessly bursts with creativity. She is such a joy to have in class. Kind to her peers, and the utmost care in everything she does in class. She always says hello to me, even in the halls, can't wait to see all the art she creates this year.
Karen Thomas Cody Lin 9 Bringing Hope Cody is such a great asset in the class. He is so courteous to others and has so much imagination and skill. He demonstrates the Mariner Mindset everyday
Karen Thomas Isabella Imura 11 Being Family Bella has so much to say, and the talks we have together are priceless. She has such a compelling family story (what she is working on for AP ) AND I love how I can see her problem solve in real-time.
Dave Baptist Kwame Fields 11 Educating Hearts & Minds Do you have questions about history and society? I do. Kwame has answers. Love having him in class!
Baptist Brandon McClain 11 Bringing Hope Brandon picks up on details in our study of history and applies them to society! Thank you for never hesitating to share your perspective in class.
Glenn Davis Fern Mao 11 Educating Hearts & Minds Fern is always willing to participate in class. Whether it is answering a question posed to the entire room or working with a group, Fern is ready to speak up!
Kaia Richards Samantha Chun 10 Being Family As a sophomore, Samantha continues to impress me with her demeanor and helpful nature. She immediately shifts into helpful mode if a classmate needs help. She even helps the teacher after our class with set-up, donating her break time to help with set-up! She is our rock.
Jessica Guidotti Jaliyah Fitch 9 Educating Hearts & Minds Jaliyah has shown true Mariner spirit when it comes to her academics these first few months of school. Aside from always being organized, she comes to class very prepared, and after missing some days of school, promptly made up all of her work. She is also an excellent role model to her classmates, leading them in group work and answering their questions. She is attentive to her work, patient, and curious. She's a joy to have in class!