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Immersion Outreach Program

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Philippines Immersion 2023

Campus Ministry plans, organizes, and supports domestic and international immersion programs, service and advocacy opportunities and vocational discernment.

Encounter Christ in those in need, in each other, and through engaging liturgies and prayer!

Engage in meaningful service: work with children, do manual labor, or work at agencies which feed, clothe and provide resources to the most vulnerable. Work is age-appropriate but challenging. Join us to work in community gardens, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, new immigrant support centers, day camps, and senior centers. In some sites, we build, paint and repair homes.

Grow in Faith! At our immersions, students discover the connections between their faith and justice, between the Word of God and the service they are in engaged in, through interactive evening experiences. Evenings are filled with learning, reflection and fun! During the week, our students and their leaders plan for ways to continue to serve and grow in faith back at school.

Holy Cross Immersion Program

Immersions are life-alternating experiences that teach our students what it truly means to live faithfully and act justly. By going on immersions, students stretch beyond their “comfort zones” and discover how fulfilling it is to serve those in need. Their firsthand experiences stay with them throughout their lives, and for some, inspires future careers.

Immersion Programs


Alternative Spring Break

Alternative Spring Break during the week of Easter vacation is offered to ALL students. Live in the Speed of Love Immersions are both local and national opportunities for MCHS students to learn and to be in solidarity with people of the margins of social, economic, political and environmental status. The Immersion programs educate in heart and mind by combining academic, experimental, and reflective experiences that are based in the Holy Cross ideals.

Holy Cross Immersion

A Holy Cross education is a balance between heart and mind, of living faith and knowledge. The immersion program delivers this balance. By living and working in poor communities, MCHS senior students will experience the people, their history, and culture. Faith is put into practice by serving others. This trip will be an intense experience of service work and living in Christian community with students from four other Holy Cross High Schools. This is an opportunity that includes learning about the common values experienced by students in Holy Cross High Schools.

Philippines Service Immersion Program (PSIP)

The Philippine Service Immersion Program offers all students an opportunity to travel abroad to help our struggling brothers and sisters in the Philippines. In a country with a prominent poverty rate, students give back to the community by building schools in areas where there is a lack of educational resources. Students experience the pillars of Holy Cross come alive as they are Bringing Hope to future generations and are Being Family to their Filipino brothers and sisters.

Thailand Cultural and Service Immersion Program

During Christmas Break, our Thailand Cultural and Service Immersion Program will provide our students a real-world leadership training and skill development through personal challenge and decision making; Global citizenship through cultural immersion and awareness and experiential learning opportunities that are student-led. The service immersion will address sustainable community projects aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals that will address: poverty in all its forms, hunger, education, gender equality and women’s empowerment, water, and sanitation, etc.