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CMT attends Music Ministry in Anaheim
Posted 03/30/2017 04:01PM

Moreau Catholic's Campus Ministry Team and members of Music Ministry gathered on February 27th with 40,000 other Catholic high school students and educators from around the world at this year's annual Religious Education Conference, also known as LA Youth Day. The theme for this year's event was 'What are you waiting for?' focusing on a wake-up call for a change of heart.

The event at the Anaheim Convention Center was hosted by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and it is the largest annual gathering of Catholics in the United States.

"My experience at this year's LA Youth Day was quite unforgettable," said CMT member Valerie Domingo. "The ambience in the room was something incomparable to any other place because it was filled with individuals that are all there for one sole reason: our faith brought us together."

Director of Campus Ministry, Ann Tabora, who led the group on the expedition to Los Angeles, was impressed by the high-energy liturgies and 300+ workshops that were put on at the event. "I think what made it unique this year for our school is that we brought music ministers and the tech people who work the sound at our masses for the first time. It was good for them to see the vibrancy of LA Youth Day."

"My favorite workshop we went to was called 'Art: Saints, Cultural Diversity, Healing and Forgiveness'", said CMT member Hannah Pham. "I enjoyed it because Brother Michael O'Neill McGrath incorporated his drawings of Jesus, Mary, and the saints into different cultures. It was fun coloring his work and it helped me gain a new perspective on the many beautiful faces of God in our multi-cultured world and church."

CMT member Samantha Galang took the theme of the event to heart and is looking to bring the lessons she learned back home with her. "The Moreau community can incorporate this theme during the Lenten season. We have to ask ourselves "what are we actually waiting for?" This Lent, we should stop asking and start doing. It can be as simple as saying thank you to people who open the door for you or practicing our patience."

Next year's LA Youth Day is scheduled for March 15, 2018. You can learn more about this year's event by visiting

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