Milarose Baleva-Wilson ’87, Cheerleading

The saying “the third time’s the charm” rang true for Milarose Baleva-Wilson. After not making the rally squad her fi rst two years at Moreau, in her junior year, Milarose was chosen as one of Moreau’s varsity cheerleaders. “There was so much talent that I didn’t make rally squad my fi rst two years at Moreau. I’m proud to have persevered with cheerleading, to cheer at a major university, to teach, and to judge for a top cheerleading company.”

During high school, in addition to cheerleading, Milarose also excelled in school, graduating summa cum laude. As part of her required community service project, Milarose volunteered to choreograph for elementary school cheerleaders. “Their success gave me the confi dence to grow as a choreographer,” says Milarose.

After high school, Milarose attended UCLA and was a member of the UCLA spirit squad from 1988 – 1991. There she had the opportunity to cheer at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas and at the NCAA Basketball “Sweet 16” at the Meadowlands in New Jersey. Milarose graduated from UCLA in 1992 with honors and received a BS in nursing. During her time at college Milarose became a member of the United Spirit Association (USA) staff, which teaches cheerleading at summer camps for high school and college cheerleaders (including Moreau). Milarose achieved head instructor status and was part of the program development team at USA. She has won numerous leadership awards as voted by her peers. Milarose still serves as a nationally respected cheerleading judge, adjudicating national and state competitions in the United States, Mexico and Japan. Milarose went on to work as an associate producer for e2k Sports where she directed halftime shows for the NFL, NBA, NCAA, and soccer’s Women’s World Cup. She has also had the opportunity to work with talent such as Jennifer Lopez, Nick Lachey and Don Ho.

Milarose credits Michael Olmstead, former president of USA and current president of e2k and 49ers Entertainment as having had a major impact on her cheerleading career and her life. Milarose says, “He [Michael Olmstead] took a chance on a 17 year old cheerleader, and he and his family’s teaching philosophy helped guide me in cheerleading and as a teaching professional in nursing. Because of USA, I became a better teacher, a better mom, and a better person.”

Milarose lives in Los Angeles and works as a clinical nursing instructor at Mt. St. Mary’s College. She has been married for nearly 9 years to Dan Wilson. Milarose and Dan have three children, Camila (3), Cori Jo (2), and Charlie (4 months). Milarose is most grateful to her parents for providing the opportunities for her to succeed. “A big thanks to my parents Roland and Mila Baleva whose hard work and constant sacrifi ces made my education at Moreau and UCLA possible.”

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