Brother Gary Stone, CSC, Administrator

Holy Cross Brother, Gary Stone, in his brief but memorable career at Moreau from 1970 to 1979, achieved an iconic status. Brother Gary was a gifted government teacher whose humor, animation, and excitement were contagious. He also served in various administrative capacities, such as Dean of Men and Vice Principal for Academics, always creating encounters which students tend to fi nd memorable, to say the least. Brother Gary created a presence–spiritual, emotional, and physical. Brother Gary was a large man, almost larger than life, but his legacy resides in his commitment to Moreau Catholic and to its students.

Brother Gary believed that family was an essential part of the defi nition of the human experience. He felt that one’s school family held an important role in the formation of young people and in their transformation into responsible adults. As a result of this belief, Brother Gary dedicated himself to modeling that family spirit by his participation in and support of student programs, particularly athletics. He was omnipresent at athletic events, home and away. He was a vocal supporter of the athletic teams at games, and of the role and function of an athletic department in a school. He saw athletics as one of the avenues through which the concept of family could be developed and strengthened. To Gary, it was immaterial whether you were a participant in an event or were an active spectator in a rooting section. His expectation was that, as a student or a staff member, you actively be one or the other–just as any family member has the obligation to encourage and support the endeavors of another member of the family.

Brother Gary was very involved with the baseball program at Moreau. He was a permanent fi xture as the home plate umpire for hundreds of freshman and junior varsity games. When he was no longer able to offi ciate because of the onset of cancer, Brother Gary was still attending all the events and prompting the students to get involved by supporting their fellow Mariners. At games, Brother Gary would cheer, laugh, and occasionally sound like an overtaxed steam engine about to explode. He would lead cheers and express his displeasure with questionable offi ciating but he was always there, animated, dedicated, and enjoying his “family.”

By example, and using the athletic program as his vehicle, Brother Gary made being part of the Moreau “family” a central focus of his ministry as an educator and as a Brother. As a result, we were all enriched by being part of the greater Holy Cross family, Brother Gary Stone’s family.

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