Marian Andrews, Athletic Department Volunteer

Marian Andrews fi rst became involved at Moreau in 1982 when her daughter Kelly ’86 participated in the band. Marian was on the band board and hosted Moreau’s band competition at Chabot College. Marian continued to volunteer in many capacities at Moreau until 1995, well beyond the graduations of her children Kelly and James ’90.

In addition to serving on the band board, Marian also assisted in the snack bar before becoming the snack bar chairperson. She then served as Booster Club chairperson for two years.

Marian says that her motivation for volunteering at Moreau was simple, “I always felt that Moreau was like a family and always treated me as such. I loved being part of the Moreau community.”

Marian feels strongly about her years of service at Moreau and hopes that parents understand the importance of sharing their time and talents with the school community. Marian says, “It is just as important to give your time as it is to give money. Not everyone can afford to give large amounts of cash, so help where you can.”

Marian retired from New Haven Unifi ed School District in 2002, but has returned to work part-time in the school district. Her children Kelly and James are both married and have blessed her with three grandchildren. “I love being a Nana!,” says Marian.

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