Jesus “MIA” Guillem, Athletic Department Volunteer

Jesus Guillem, fondly known as “MIA,” has been volunteering at Moreau since the 1970s. He fi rst became involved because he was interested in sports and at the time had a son and daughter attending Catholic schools in the area. He also had the desire to share his experience and knowledge of soccer and enjoyed interacting with the athletes and coaches. MIA proudly says his offi cial position at Moreau is as the school’s “biggest fan.”

MIA has also volunteered at Cal State Hayward since 1963. Longtime friend and sports information director Marty Valdez stated, “MIA has been an institution to Cal State Hayward athletics the past fi ve decades. We are so fortunate to have MIA because of his loyalty towards the coaches, athletes, and the faculty and staff in the kinesiology department.”

MIA played one game with Valencia Club de Futbol before being sent to fi ght in World War II. During the war he was captured and spent two years in a prison camp, thus earning him his nickname “MIA.”

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