Moreau Catholic High School is again pleased to partner with APPRYSE for the 2018-19 school year. APPRYSE is a web-based replacement to the paper-based registration system we previously used to track student information and release forms for all of our students. APPRYSE allows for a more secure privacy for our families. School employees will use a Smartphone to access student information, instead of carrying binders with student information, when on retreats, field trips or athletic outings. In the event of injury, athletic trainers and/or employees will use the system to automatically notify you of the injury, symptoms and/or care, via phone, email and text message.

Registration must be done using a computer or tablet, and here’s how:


Student-Athletes may begin registering in APPRYSE beginning July 9, 2018.

    • New families: Click on the link below to register.
    • Once you have established an account, please fill in all the information for your student.
    • Returning families: If you already have an APPRYSE account, please log in and verify that all information is current.


    • All students must register with APPRYSE. Students must be registered in order to be eligible to participate in athletics. Please select the sport(s) that you plan to participate in when you register.
    • Students must also have a current physical on file prior to participating in any sports at Moreau Catholic, and maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher.

    Need to provide a physical? Here’s how:

    • Make an appointment with your physician to have a physical evaluation.
    • Complete the APPRYSE registration and print out the Doctor’s Physical Form, with your unique APPRYSE bar code from your account.
    • Take the Doctor’s Physical Form with you to your appointment and have your physician complete the form. Once completed, you or your physician’s office can fax the Physical Form to APPRYSE, scan it into the APPRYSE system, or turn it in to the Athletic Director at school.
    • Please note: This is the only form recognized by the APPRYSE system. DO NOT upload any other documents, as they will not be attached to your account. Any other forms you have may be submitted directly to the AD office. Any questions regarding athletics should be sent to Athletic Director Monica Heuer at, 510-881-4335

    Click the register here link to go to the appryse system


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. I am an incoming Frosh and submitted a physical to the office, do I need to do another one for Appryse? No, the Athletic Department will obtain the physical dates from the Main office for Frosh and Transfers and input them for you. Going forward, please use the form on the Appryse website for your next physical.
    2. I am a returning Student and still have a current physical, do I need to get another one now? No, we will use your date from the physical on file for this year but moving forward, please use the form on the Alppryse Website for your next physical if you use a different form you may submit it to the AD office in Garin.
    3. How secure is the Appryse System for our medical and personal information? Appryse is one of the most secure on line registration sites in the country. When researching different companies to use for online registration, we selected Appryse due to their attention to detail and firewalls in place to protect our student athletes. This system is more secure than the "paper" system we used to use that had coaches with hard copies of medical and personal information in binders. Each coach has their own log in information, and there are only a few people with administrative access. No one can access the athletes information except those who need it!
    4. I am the Mother/Guardian of my athlete, does my husband/guardian also need an account? It is preferred that both parents (guardians) register with Appryse and are on the student account. In order to prevent duplicate accounts (which will create complications) the parent or guardian who registers first should click the button on their account to INVITE the other parent or guardian to create an account. The second parent or guardian should then accept the invitation they receive via email to create their own account. By doing so, both will be considered primary contacts and linked to the same student account. This is very important when it comes to notification of an injury. The system will only call those who are listed as primary contacts. Each parent or guardian will be able to add their own additional contacts to their accounts but the additional contacts will not receive the notification in case of an injury. They will be contacted only if we are unable to reach the primary parents or guardians.
    5. What if I have a blended family and my children have different parents (guardians)? This is not a problem with Appryse. Simply go to the first student account and click the button to INVITE that student's other parent (guardian). Next, go to your next student account and click the button to INVITE that student's other parent (guardian). Each of the other parents or guardians should then accept the invitation they receive via email to create their own accounts.

    If you have any other questions, please contact Monica

    Looking forward to a great 2017-18 Athletic School year.

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