Christian / Community Service Program

The goal of the service program is to challenge students, to be involved in their local communities by volunteering in response to the needs that are present there. Students volunteer to work only with non‐profit agencies. At the end of their four‐year course of study, students will have experienced a variety of services that will help them clarify their particular gifts and talents.

The Christian/Community Service program is transitioning to the Holy Cross Social Justice Program as of August 2014. Current juniors and seniors will continue to follow guidelines for the C/CS requirements until they graduate, with the Class of 2018 representing the first class that will follow the new protocol.


  1. “Community” in “Community Service” refers to service performed outside the Moreau Catholic High School community. Any service done by a student for the school will not be credited as CCS hours.
  2. Any special service project that may require a student’s absence from school must meet the specified criteria and have advanced approval from the student’s assistant principal in order to receive credit. Please see additional guidelines online or in the Student-­Parent Handbook.
  3. Incoming juniors must have a total of 40 hours; incoming seniors a total of 60 hours. Seniors must submit their final 20 hours (for a total of 80) by January 5th, 2016.
  4. Parents can become involved in the service program by providing transportation for off‐campus service opportunities, by joining their sons/daughters in performing service as appropriate, by assisting MCHS staff in supervising a service opportunity, or by suggesting a service opportunity to the assistant principals for possible inclusion in the list of approved sites/projects.
  5. A supervisor must be 21 or above and the supervisor cannot be a parent.
  6. All students transferring into Moreau Catholic High School in their junior year are required to complete 40 service hours. And students transferring into Moreau Catholic in their senior year are required to complete 20 service hours.
  7. The deadline for submission of service hours of incoming seniors is August 15th, 2016. Mr. Shelley will compile a list of those seniors who have not completed 60 hours of service. Students on the list will not be permitted to participate in co-curricular activities, dances or athletics until they complete the hours. The list will be shared with all administrators and the athletic director so that they can check them against club, student government, and team rosters. Students will remain on this co-curricular ban until the required hours are completed and verified by Mr. Shelley.
  8. Every senior is encouraged to be a member of CLUB 200. Club 200 was established to acknowledge and thank seniors who have met, or exceeded, 200 hours of service to the community. Students in Club 200 will receive a service award at the Evening of Excellence and acknowledgment at the Academic Awards assembly.
  9. The deadline for submission of service hours by seniors is Tuesday, January 10th, 2017. Any senior student who is unable to meet the deadline will not be able to participate in senior activities, including Senior Breakfast, Grad Night, and Senior Ball. In addition, seniors who do not meet the deadline will have their diplomas withheld.

All students should complete a minimum of 20 hours per year, reaching a total of 80 hours by January of their senior year. All students should complete 20 hours in the areas of Environment and Ecology and at least 20 hours in working In Solidarity with the Poor. These can be completed at any time throughout their four years at Moreau Catholic. Those students who do not complete a minimum of 20 hours per year will face disciplinary consequences including prohibitions from clubs, activities, and dances.

All hours will need to be submitted by completing the CCS form and submitting it to their assistant principal. There will be random checks done throughout the year to verify hours completed. Any student found to have forged their information would be subject to severe disciplinary consequences.

For questions, please contact Faith and Service Coordinator Mr. Peter Shelley, or 510-881-4313.

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