VAPA Courses 

VAPA Department Philosophy

The Moreau Catholic High School Visual and Performing Arts Department boasts UC eligible course offerings for each of the five major arts disciplines: choral music, dance, instrumental music, theater and visual art. Our programs are designed to encourage students to participate for all four years of high school in comprehensive curricula that enable them to reach their full artistic and academic potential. The instructors are all professional artists in their fields who share a commitment to teaching their respective disciplines as art forms.

Art is embedded in the social fabric of every culture, so must arts education be seen as a necessary requirement for the development of our students as global citizens. It is through the study of the arts that students learn to understand and to pursue quality, to be expressive and responsive, to exercise their imaginations, and to be interested in the visions and inventions of others.

The Program

Students fulfill the 10-unit requirement in Visual and Performing Arts during their freshman year. An exciting array of elective courses is also available. Introductory, and some advanced courses in the Visual and Performing Arts Department meet the UC "f" requirement. All other courses meet the UC "g" requirement where noted. The department encourages students whose interests and abilities show promise in the Visual and Performing arts, to pursue a consistent, multi-year commitment to the program, as it can be of benefit in college admissions evaluation of a student's portfolio.


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