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New Marinerwear Options with Revised Appearance Code
Posted 06/22/2018 11:42AM

The Moreau Catholic Leadership Team announced that beginning with the 2018-2019 school year, Moreau students will be able to show their Mariner pride every day with a revised Appearance Code that offers students "Marinerwear" options.

SportsPacks has been selected as the official vendor for Marinerwear, where parents can purchase the new "Appearance Code Approved" apparel.

School approved apparel fosters the idea that a student's uniqueness derives from within, not from his or her appearance. In addition, dress regulations contribute to a positive school learning environment and lend dignity and pride to the school community.

The changes to the Appearance Code were suggested after surveys sent to parents, students and faculty/staff, as well as focus group meetings indicated that higher standards for appearance and a reduction in clothing choices were needed at the school.

In the surveys, 45% of faculty and staff members preferred a "uniform dress code," while 30% indicated "fewer options" to establish a more enforceable dress code. This preference was also reflected in survey comments where "some type of Moreau gear" was consistently mentioned.

Learn more about the new Appearance Code Policy on our website.

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