Appearance Code

In keeping with its mission statement, Moreau Catholic High School expects its students to demonstrate good taste and modesty in their appearance, as appropriate to an educational environment. The school administrators, in consultation with the principal, have ultimate responsibility and authority for all issues pertaining to the appearance code.

Apparel Choices for Male and Female Students

Shirts: Button up polo or oxford type collared shirts with sleeves. Shirt must fall below waistband when seated and must be loose fitting. Shirts must be buttoned to a point 4 inches from the top of the shirt collar and can be any color or pattern except camouflage.

Pants: Solid or plaid cotton twill pant fitted at the waist. No blue jeans are allowed. No "jeggings", leggings, or tights may substitute for pants. Shorts must be fitted at the waist and must fall at a point 4 inches above the knee or lower.

Skirts: Fitted at the waist and must fall to a point 4 inches above the knee or lower. Leggings and tights under skirts are acceptable if the skirt or dress falls at a point 4 inches above the knee or lower but do not replace pants.

Other Guidelines:
Clothing must be neat and in good repair.

  • No baggy or tight clothing allowed.
  • No pajamas or sleepwear
  • No sweatpants or athletic pants
  • No camouflage clothing
  • Inappropriate words, graphics, symbols, decorations, or chains are not allowed on clothing or bags.
  • Backless shoes or heels above 2 inches are not acceptable. Any shoe that would compromise safety in emergency is not acceptable.
  • No visible tattoos are allowed and piercing is allowed only in the ear lobes. Facial and body piercings must be covered with a bandage.
  • Hats, bandanas, and sweatbands are not permitted on school grounds.
  • Sunglasses may not be worn inside school buildings.
  • Hair must be neatly groomed (no spiking, no fade cuts, no long strands, no Mohawks, and no other styles judged to be extreme by the administration allowed). Hair color must be natural. Male students may not have hair longer than the base of their neck.
  • Male students must be clean-shaven. Senior males may have a moustache or neatly trimmed beard.
  • Emergencies which cause students to be out of appearance code must be reported to an assistant principal immediately.
  • Any appeal of the appearance code for religious reasons must be documented each year by the student and family.


Appearances for Liturgy

At all school liturgies, students are required to come to school dressed in liturgy attire. All attire should be modest and appropriate for wear to a liturgical celebration.

Male Students

  • Collared dress shirt, tucked in
  • A necktie
  • Dress slacks
  • Dress shoes or dark athletic shoes

Female Students

  • Dress, skirt, or dress slacks (length must follow appearance code guidelines, leggings and tights are allowed if skirt or dress is appropriate length)
  • Blouses/tops must be mostly cut and appropriate for Mass (buttoned to 4")
  • No plunging necklines, no bare shoulders
  • Dress shoes or dark athletic shoes

On days of athletic contests, student-athletes are required to be in appearance code or liturgy dress attire. Team members may be given the option of purchasing a team approved polo shirt supplied by an approved vendor. Any exceptions to this rule need the approval of the Director of Athletics.


Students who do not comply with the appearance code or liturgy code receive a detention and must correct their appearance immediately or may be sent home to change into appropriate clothing. Students sent home will make up time missed with an equal amount of time in detention.

  • 1st and 2nd offense in a year receives a detention.
  • 3rd+ detentions in a year receive Saturday detentions.

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