Physical Education

At Moreau Catholic, the department of Physical Education is focused on providing students with the necessary tools to be physically active for life. We accomplish this by focusing our efforts on three educational areas: movement skills and knowledge, personal development, and social development. We discover these different components through three levels: beginning, intermediate, and advanced. When students graduate from Moreau Catholic they will understand the importance of, and have an appreciation for, life-long activity. This, in turn, will encourage our students to become responsible citizens of our global community.

Peak Performance

The Peak Performance course (new in 2017) is designed to help student-athletes increase performance through strength and conditioning. The class will identify the demands of specific sports and help student-athletes develop a conditioning program that analyzes (and adds variety to) the volume and intensity of specific movements for desired results and maximum efficiency

In the off-season, student-athletes will focus on strength-training related to the sport of their choice. In-season, the course will focus on injury prevention and helping student-athletes maintain their strength and flexibility to maximize performance in-season.

Department Members

Andrew Cotter (Chair), Janet Chrisman (Chair), Rob Gatrell, Toni West

P.E. Courses

Graduation Requirements*

10 units

*(1 semester = 5 units)

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