Moreau Catholic High School is dedicated to educating the hearts and minds of students by providing a community of diverse students, exemplary faculty, and dedicated staff.

At Moreau Catholic, we recognize that our students are game changers and we challenge each individual to personalize their path to college and career readiness through academic rigor, leadership development, extracurricular exploration, and spiritual growth.

Our students are designers, musicians, mathematicians, inventors, dancers, scientists, athletes, writers, world travelers, volunteers, actors, debaters, historians, readers, television producers, singers, inventors, and much more.

At Moreau Catholic, our students learn to change the world.

Top 20 Reasons to Choose Moreau Catholic

  1. 35 STEM Courses
  2. 42 Honors and AP Courses
  3. Bioprinting
  4. Virtual Reality Science Program through zSpace
  5. 3D Printers available to all students
  6. Dedicated IT department available each day for students
  7. An Apple Laptop for every Student, each with equipped with all necessary programs
  8. 47 teams in 21 Sports
  9. State-of-the-art, $5 Million Stadium Complex
  10. 14 out of the 19 Programs went to NCS Playoffs
  11. Award-winning Visual and Performing Arts Program
  12. UC Eligible Course offerings for each of the five major art disciplines
  13. Largest variety of art programs offered in East Bay
  14. Fully equipped TV Station - only one in the Bay Area
  15. Over 50 clubs and organizations to join
  16. Successful Link Crew program, of current juniors and seniors, who help with new student orientation
  17. Moral Theology classes
  18. Sophomore Immersion
  19. Christian/Community Service Program
  20. Ministry and Liturgy Workshop/In-Service

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