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Thank you for your interest in the Saints and Scholars Program (SAS), a program that supports students who require accommodations in the classroom. The goal of the program is to empower students to advocate for their needs while providing support to address each students’ learning strengths and challenges. In order to qualify for the SAS program students submit current documentation that identifies either a learning disability, medical or physical issue that requires classroom accommodations. The SAS Coordinator reviews the documentation and assessment and if approved, a meeting is scheduled with the parents and student to discuss the implementation of the accommodations in the classroom.

The program follows the guidelines set by the College Board in relation to accommodations for the PSAT and SAT tests. Applications are submitted to the College Board and ACT in spring of sophomore year and/or fall of junior year in order to be considered for accommodations on college admissions tests. Students who are approved for accommodations can take the tests as often as they want using their accommodations as needed.

The SAS coordinator collaborates with teachers in a confidential manner to ensure student privacy regarding accommodations. In an effort to help students understand their learning needs, the coordinator conducts individual and group coaching sessions on a regular basis to assist students with self-advocacy skills.

Students that enter as freshmen are welcomed with an orientation and luncheon where they meet with upperclassmen that are also part of the SAS program. A team building activity is included to help establish and build a support network among the SAS students. This is also a leadership opportunity for the upperclassmen and allows for peer-to-peer support on an academic and social level.

In order to be considered for extended time on the High School Placement Test, documentation must be received by the Admissions Department by December 10. Once a student is accepted to Moreau, a current full assessment may be needed in order to meet the College Board guidelines. A list of assessors will be provided upon request.

If you would like more information about the SAS program or educational assessments that are College Board approved, please contact Stacey Ferreira '86 in the Counseling Department by email or by phone at 510-881-4311.

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