Holy Cross Social Justice Program (HCSJ) Frequently Asked Questions:

Can students continue to work with an organization they have previously worked?
The mandatory hours must be completed with pre-approved organizations related to the school theme of the year. If students want to continue working in a specific place, they may do so, but the hours will count as additional hours, not as the mandatory hours required for that school year.

Is this program in addition the Senior Capstone?
No, the Holy Cross Social Justice Program replaces the existing service hours program for freshman. The class of 2018 will continue the HCSJ program until graduation. The current sophomore, junior, and senior classes will continue with the CCS program. Eventually, the CCS program will be phased out to be replaced by the HCSJ program.

Why can’t students choose their own service organizations?
The safety of our students is our number one priority and each organization will be carefully vetted.

Can my student finish all the hours in one year?
No. Students are required to work a certain number of hours each year. In some cases, the same organization could address multiple themes. Students also need to present a theme-specific project at the end of the school year (in their Theology classes) which is why finishing all the hours in one year is not permissible.

If my student does 20 hours in one year, can those hours count for the next year’s requirements?
No, students must complete the designated hours for each year, in sequential theme.

Is the Social Justice program going to have a 200-Hour Club?
Yes, all the additional hours of service completed by our students may be part of their cumulative hours--potentially leading to recognition in our 200-Hour Club.

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