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Mission & Philosophy

Mission Statement

Moreau Catholic High School is dedicated to the legacy and values of the Congregation of Holy Cross and its founder Blessed Basil Moreau. We are a college-preparatory school committed to outstanding achievement. As a community of faith, we prepare our students through academic, social and spiritual learning experiences that form and transform them as they become responsible citizens of our global community.

Statement of Philosophy

The fulfillment of our mission as Holy Cross educators is facilitated through the partnership between the family and school community, and provides opportunities and means by which students are guided to higher levels of spiritual, social and academic development.

Four Pillars Holy Cross

We believe this partnership is given meaning through the legacy and values established by Blessed Basil Moreau, founder of the Congregation of Holy Cross. This partnership is enhanced by the spirit, vision, and collaboration shared among the entire school community and the Diocese of Oakland.

Blessed Basil Moreau’s vision lies at the core of our school’s mission. We follow four major themes: “Building Respect,” “Educating Hearts and Minds,” “Being Family,” and “Bringing Hope” during our students four years at Moreau Catholic.

As a community of faith, we believe a Holy Cross education is centered in Christian values and adheres to high standards and expectations for individual achievement and social responsibility. We are guided by Jesus Christ to give witness to our faith through lived experiences — prayer, liturgical celebrations, retreats, and community service. These experiences nurture dignity and respect for religious and cultural diversity.

A Moreau Catholic High School education facilitates the formation of qualities such as integrity, justice, stewardship, love, compassion, and hope. We educate students to become people of values as well as scholars. By cultivating heart and mind, our students become responsible citizens and a positive force in the transformation of our global community.

Through our college-preparatory curriculum, our students become life-long learners and effective communicators. Our commitment to outstanding achievement ensures that our students become knowledgeable and skillful in areas of moral and ethical decision-making, critical thinking, accountability, technology and adaptability.

Our co-curricular programs enhance the academic and spiritual dimensions of our school by providing formative activities that foster community, leadership, creativity, and sportsmanship. These learning experiences are achieved in a safe, caring educational environment facilitated by a professional and dedicated faculty and staff.